Monday, January 15, 2018

Spaghetti Squash Sausage Alfredo

One of my most recent favorite easy and quick recipes to make has been any meat and spaghetti squash thrown together and baked. Well, here it is! So easy to make on meal prep day and it last the perfect amount of time so you don't have to worry about any going to waste. Even though I enjoy cooking; cooking during the week is just exhausting. The prep, the process, and the clean up. Do yourself and meal prep on the weekend and relax during the week or at least have one thing less to worry about. 

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

NOLA Day 1: The Drive, Lunch, and some exploring.

Since our hotel check in wasn't until 3pm and we knew it was going to be a 6 hour drive, we did what responsible people do. Woke up at the same time everyday and got the workout in all while still finishing up any chores that needed to get done (see: dishes and laundry) as well as any last minute packing that needed to get done. 

Here We Come NOLA!!!: Previous Visits

Part Deux

Like I had mentioned in my previous post this was going to be about our fifth time to NOLA and surrounding areas. So, time to take a look into the past, haha.

As Rick Sanchez says in S2E1, "and awaaaay we go" ...

Our first trip to the NOLA area ever (together) was when we went to visit my husband's longtime best friend. Him and his family lived just outside of New Orleans and visit close to Abita Spring. We had been living in Austin, TX at the time and drive was absolutely forever long. The drive had us arriving at around 9pm and we stayed up pretty late just catching up. The next few days were a whirlwind of activities and excitement. We were there for a full week which means we had a chance to do a lot. We visited local bars, downtown NOLA during a festival, had a craw fish boil, lots of grilling, and it was our first time at The Abita Brewery which I did post so long ago.  After this visit we kind of knew we would making a lot of trips back. 
Previous Post

One year later we made another trip back. This time we were living Houston, TX and the drive was 3 hours shorter which is apparently a huge difference. We left pretty late in the afternoon and arrived late at night, again. We were only able to visit for the weekend due to work, but we did make the most of it! Also exhausting. My sister-in-love came along and the trip was extra fun. Especially when Matt's long-time friend's mom volunteered to be designated driver while we did a beer brewery tour. The area is rich in breweries and some of the best beers come out of the area. The new one we visited holds the name of the town it was started in, Covington Brewhouse. It is smack dab in the middle of town (think Pleasantville) and has a tiny tasting room to sit down in or you can ask for a tour of the brew house. Tiny, but still interesting. Naturally, more grilling was on the menu along with some daiquiris. If you don't know, Louisiana is one of the few (maybe only) states in the continental USA that has Drive Thru Daiquiri stands. Yes, like the alcoholic kind. How is this legal? You guys. They put a sticker over the straw hole. You can find these little shops scattered throughout most of Louisiana. The also have a sitting area, but in August who wants to sit outside in the heat and the blood suckers.

Our 3rd trip to the NOLA area we actually stayed downtown on Canal street at the J.W. Marriott. We visited and explored the city with my parents during their yearly visit to the USA. It is always weird to party with your parents; even when you're 27 and have been out of the house since you were barely 18. Nonetheless, it was awesome! Since they only make a visit once a year they absolutely love going out and hanging out and doing all the activities. We ventured up and down Bourbon Street every night and probably visited every little bar, stop, and restaurant there. Believe it or not, it wasn't the young ones leading this adventure. My dad and bonus mom were all about it! During the day we walked the French Quarter and ended up in Jackson Square at least once a day. One night after being in the hotel the majority of the day (thank you age, alcohol, and sun!) we walked a few blocks down to Mother's Kitchen. Apparently this place had been featured on a few food shows and the interior decor was littered with photos of current and past celebrities all stopping in. As a couple Matt and I visited the Audubon Insectarium and Butterfly Atrium. We are major nerds so naturally we were able to enjoy about three hours in the place. We planned it perfectly too! We went in when the heat of the day was at its worst and came out to a nice evening. After our festivities in down town NOLA we made the trip to Covington again. We made a trip to check out Abita Brewery that was under renovation (it was getting THAT popular. It is so awesome to see a tiny local brewery take off.) before continuing our tradition of grilled meats!

Our last trip for what would end of being almost two years took place over that Christmas. Even though we never actually made it into NOLA I still count this as trip since Covington is so close and would make a nice day trip out of the city to see more local areas. We are all about local no matter where we are. You are able to find out so much more about the culture and history and you ALWAYS end up with a great story to share when you get back home. We were able to go for an entire week this time which was something that never really ever happened. We arrived in the early evening on Christmas eve and wasted no time getting the festivities started. The next few days were the basic holiday stuff. Food, cooking, gifts, games, and so on. We did go on an Abita Brewery outing to check out their new upgrades and to get out.

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2017 Goals Revisit and Reflection.

Friday, December 29, 2017

Purple Candied Yams

For the past two years Matt and I have grown purple sweet potatoes. Every year we harvest them within the first week of December because that is usually when the first frost occurs.