Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Pumpkin Sensation Week: Final Day

Recipe for making no-fuss dairy free pumpkin french toast  In our kitchen we have some allergy- cursed individuals, most allergies stemming from dairy. as an effort to convert from dairy loaded to dairy free we got cracking on french toast first. The best part about this recipe is that you don't even notice there are no eggs thanks to a mixture of pumpkin and milled flax seed. It is crunchy and moist and everything you would want on a chilly winter's day. Since it is baked in the oven, with easy prepping, you don't have to spend time over the stove flipping slices. you can simply walk away and enjoy time with your family or friends.

  • 1 Recipe (Freezer) Fresh Bread or bread of your choosing. You need about 12-14 slices depending on how many you are serving and how large your slices are
  • 1 Cup Pumpkin Puree
  • 3 tbsp Milled Flaxseed
  • 6 tbsp Water
  • 2 tsp Cinnamon
  • 1/2 Cup Almond Milk
  • 3 tsp Brown Sugar
  • 1 tsp Granulated Sugar
  • 1 Recipe Pumpkin Butter or topping of your choosing

Baking Dish or Cookie Sheet
Medium Mixing Bowl
Small Mixing Bowl
Measuring cup, tsp and tbsp
Bread Knife
Foil or Baking Mat

Time 50 minutes
Prep 15 minutes
Cooking 30 minutes
Yield 10-12 slices

Time To Get Cooking!!!
Mix together flaxseed and water in mixing bowl and leave for 5 minutes to thicken up
Slice bread into thin 1/4 inch slices and lay out
Add pumpkin puree and almond milk to flag mix
Whisk throughly
Soak individual slices of bread for 5-10 minutes depending on thickness
Mix together sugars and cinnamon in a small bowl
Lay foil or baking mat onto cookie sheet
Sprinkle a generous amount of cinnamon sugar mixture onto foil
Take slices of bread out of wet mixture and let excess drip off
Lay slices of bread evenly spaced onto cookie sheet
Preheat oven to 350 degrees
Sprinkle cinnamon sugar mix over each slice generously
Place into middle rack of oven for 10-15 minutes
Take out and flip then return to middle rack of oven
Once done, take out and let cool for 5 minutes before transferring to a plate
Top with pumpkin butter, left over cinnamon sugar mix, honey or any other choice of topping

2 pieces serving size
Serve along size fruit, granola or alone

Storing and Reheating
Make sure toast is cooled completely and store in airtight container in fridge for up to 1 week or in freezer for 1 month
Reheat in oven or microwave until warm

Nutritional Facts
Calories 81
Fat 2g
Carbs 15g
Protein 3g
compared to a popular used product
Calories 220
Fat 6g
Carbs 39g
Protein 4g
Nutritional Difference (our recipe)
Calories -139
Fat -4g
Carbs -24g
Protein -1g

Recipe Cost: $0.87
Cost Per Serving: $0.09
compared to a popular use product
Product Cost on Average: $2.39
Product Cost Per Serving on Average: $0.15
You Save Per Serving on Average: $0.06

-Day old bread or older works best for this recipe. New bread will be to soft and won't be able to hold the mixture firmly
-You might want to stirring you slices of bread that are soaking in the wet mixture so make sure they are getting evenly covered and that the mixture does not separate.



  1. I love your detailed instructions!
    This looks and sounds so delicious.
    I would also love to have you share this and/or any other recipe of yours at Wednesday Extravaganza - my Foodie Link Party with a special something! There is also a pretty nice Giveaway going on this week :) Here is the link:

    Can't wait to see you there!

  2. Thanks so much for linking up with us at FFF this week. Love the fact that you used flax instead of eggs. I do that too. Have not thought of using pumpkin. Will have to give it a try.

  3. I bet this is really delicious. I am hosting a great giveaway on Dining With Debbie. (1) $50 gift certificate to my favorite jeweler and (2) a signed copy of Arkansas Pie: A Slice of the Natural State written by fellow blogger, Kat Robinson. I would love for you to come enter Merry Merry Munchies and the rafflecopter entry. I think you would enjoy either one of these prizes.

  4. This looks amazing! I love pumpkin and never thought to use it for French Toast! Thanks for sharing at Foodie Friends Friday!


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