Monday, March 25, 2013

Meal Idea Mondays: Bok Choy Soup W/ Rice

Meal Idea Mondays: Bok Choy Soup W/ Rice by Custom Taste
We have been running low on grociers lately and since we are about to make a jump to a more clean eating and a envrionmentall friendly way of life, I have been relying heavily on veggies and easy to make meals. I was craving something super light, simple, tastey with a slight Oriental taste to it, so this is what i came up with! I love bok choy, but it can be difficult to eat sometimes. It has a very milky taste to it because of the high amounts of calcium it posesses, so eating a vegetable and tasting milk (especially since i don't like the taste of milk to begin with) can be a little off-putting. The soup enhances the flavour of the bok choy without overpowering that milky taste. It is super filling without being heavy as well! Give it try soon, it will heat you up, especially since we are still in winter weather.

Shopping List
  • 2 Cloves Garlic
  • 5 Cups Water
  • 2 Cups Broth
  • 1/2 of a Large Onion
  • 1/2 Cup Rice
  • 4-5 Boy Choy Leaves
  • 1 TSP Olive Oil
  • 1 TBSP Cumin
  • 2 TSP Sage
  • 1 TSP Thyme
Cutting Board
Sharp Knife
Large Pot w/ Lid
Measuring Cup, TBSP, and TSP
Stir Spoon
Small Pot w/ Lid

Time 1 Hour
Prep 10 Minutes
Cook 50 Minutes
Yield 3 Servings

Meal Idea Mondays: Bok Choy Soup W/ Rice by Custom TasteTime To Get Cooking!!!
Start by mincing your garlic, you can choose to use a garlic press if you desire, and set to the side
Grab your onion and dice it as well
Get your pot, turn the stove on medium, add your olive oil and wait until it starts to shimmer
When you olive oil is shimmering drop in your onions and sauté
Leave and let sweat until the onions are transparents, stirring occasionally
This should take about 8 minutes
In the mean time wash you bok choy leaves well and pat dry
Meal Idea Mondays: Bok Choy Soup W/ Rice by Custom Taste
Cut off he white part on the bottom almost all the way up to the where the green leaf begins
Set to the side
Meal Idea Mondays: Bok Choy Soup W/ Rice by Custom TasteCheck on the onions, if they are now transparent add in the garlic and give a quick saute for about 1 minute
Add in 3 cups of water and 2 cups broth
Put the bok choy into the pot. You will probably need to arrange them so they all fit and are submerged
Stir in your spices at this time
Turn up the heat to medium high, put lid on, and let cook for 45 minutes
Now to start the rice!
Meal Idea Mondays: Bok Choy Soup W/ Rice by Custom TasteRinse your rice and add it to a pot with 2 cups water
Put on stove at medium high, cover with a lid making sure there is a way for steam to escape and let cook for 25-30 minutes.
The rice is done when all the water is evaporated
When rice done, put it in a warm place
Once time is up for the soup remove from heat and give it stir
Serve and enjoy!

1/3 cup rice (2 large spoonfuls) with 1 cup soup

Storing and Reheating
Store rice and soup together in an airtight container. Reheat in the microwave or on the stove top until warm throughout

Nutritional Information
Calories 96
Fat 1g
Carbs 21g
Protein 3g

Cost Information
Recipe Cost:$2.16
Cost Per Serving:$0.72

-If you don't have Bok Choy or are uncomfortable with cooking it you can easily substitute it with cabbage
-Adding pork, topping with cilantro, and a touch of soy sauce or red chili sauce to this really gives it an intense Oriental taste and flare


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