Sunday, April 28, 2013

Homemade Leftover Veggie Stock

This hasn't been a crazy last week or two per-say, they have just been very full. Mr. Custom Taste has had a weird work schedule and whenever he has days off we both have days off. I've also been fighting allergies, and I no idea what I am having an allergic reaction to. So between work schedules, allergies and feeling completely run down, I wasn't much for concentrating. The good news though is that I did find solace in the kitchen, so I have a bunch of new recipes coming your way! Hopefully I will be able to get back to some regular posting asap.
Have you ever wondered on whether or not you should save those potato peels, or the root end of a celery stalk? Well the answer is, yes, yes you should save them! The inedible or disliked parts of veggies make a great stock. We keep a zip top bag in our freezer and throw the unused parts in there and when it gets full or when we need more stock we make some! Making the stock itself is super simple and super hands off! You can make it on the stove or in the crockpot.

Shopping List
Leftover veggie parts (ends, peels, small cuts that weren't needed, ripped leaves etc). My stock ended up having the ends of celery stalks, potato peels, cabbage leaves, pieces of bok choy and the green middles of onions.
Enough water to cover all the parts

Crockpot w/ lid
Stock Pot w/ lid

Time 4 hours
Prep 0 (technically)
Cook 4 Hours
Yield Dependent upon how much leftover veggies you have

Time To Get Cooking!!!
If you keep your veggie bag in the freezer like we do, make sure that you let the veggies thaw completely before putting them into the stock pot
Once you have put the veggies into the stock pot add enough water to cover all of the veggies
Filling your pot about half way full is always a good measurement since you will be reducing the stock later on
Cover the pot with the lid and turn the heat up to medium high
Leave for 3 hours at a rolling boil
After 3 hours, put your strainer over the pitcher and strain out the veggies parts
Pour the liquid from the pitcher back into the stock pot and let reduce for 1 hour on medium low with the lid off
When time is up let cool before storing

You can totally serve this alone to anyone with a cold or just use it whenever you need stock or broth!

Storing and Reheating
Storing an airtight container. Reheating according to cooking needs.

Nutritional Information
Honestly, it will change with whatever veggies you choose. However, chances are it is low everything unless you add any spices

Cost Information
A whole lot less than the store bought kind

-Get creative! Add in some south of the border peppers for a latin flair or keep it simple.


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