Sunday, April 7, 2013

Our Take On Section 735 of the HR 933 "The Monsanto Protection Act"

First off, being new to food politics and still working my way around I think I have a very good grip on what is going on and it how it affects all consumer’s without having to get into tons of historical bills and policies. I can view it simply and straightforward. I believe that Section 735 of the new HR 933, also known as the “Monsanto Protection act”, is a horrible thing. If you have been aware, there has been a huge push in the US specifically for federally (or at least state) backed laws supporting the labeling of GMO/GE ingredients in products.

GMO/GE crops, cattle and anything else, still have no scientific backing that it is healthier, supports larger crops or more sustainable products. All that GMO/GE crops and etc., do is cheapen the product and make it more resistant to disease as well as incorporates pesticides to aid in these products fighting off diseases and plagues. So sure on the surface it looks great, however these built in human engineering “protections” also pass into the base of the food product itself, which will in turn pass into anything or anyone that consumes it.

The reason why this new law is so horrible for the consumer is now, Monsanto is protected from any industry that wishes to label their products as “GMO/GE Free”. If any store, like Whole Foods Market for example, wants to require any product sold in their store to bear this label they risk being taken to a federal court and sued over discrimination of a company, which in a free-trade market is illegal. This also protects Monsanto from FDA lawsuits and attempted blocking of GMO/GE products because now that it is a federally recognized law the Supreme Courts can do nothing.

Currently there are petitions going around, some new, some old and some that have already been sent to President Obama, which he swiftly swept to the side.

So more than ever, consumers need to be doing their research into the products they buy at commercialized stores. Also, as consumer’s, we need to start buying fresh, buying local and cooking from scratch. If we can’t change their minds with words, we can definitely change their minds when it comes to their wallets.  As it stands certain parts of this bill only allow a year of protection as a time for whatever GMO/GE seed is planted, but one year is enough to cause irreversible damage to, not only the environmental but, consumer welfare and consumer health. For a better and more depth explanation and dissection of all the hype please visit the following websites:

Obamasigns 'Monsanto Protection Act' written by Monsanto-sponsored senator

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