Monday, April 1, 2013


Meal Idea Mondays: Roasted Southwestern Salad
We made this awhile back, but it was delicious and it would be rude not to let you guys know about it! Also, it was super easy and super quick.

Bite Battles: Chocolate Chips
We love chocolate chip anything but the store bought kind don't have the antioxidants plus a ton of added sugar to them. We are making our own and you are invited to check them out!

Our first adventure to Whole Foods Market
We are moving to a more clean way of eating, and being in the Austin area it would be rude not to start at Whole Foods Market first. We let you know about our trip, our goodies and what we did with some of them

We weigh in on a HR 933 Provision also known as "The Monsanto Protection Act"
Chances are you have not heard about this if you don't keep up with food politics as much as we do, so we give the run down and our reaction.

Road Trip Treats
We have a wedding to attend this weekend that is about 200 miles away. So we are making road trip snacks so we aren't tempted to stop at fast food restaurants or feel guilty for gas station buys.

Oatmeal Thumbprint Cookies
Satisfy your sweet tooth without compromising your waistline with these little babies. Breakfast, snack or dessert they are there when you need a quick energy pick me up.

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