Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Fruit and Veggie Wash

Before our "How To Store.." kick off post, I wanted to share our produce washes. Porous produce has to be treated differently from non-porous produce since porous produce (like strawberries) are much more fragile than non-porous (potatoes). I prefer the soak, rinse and dry method than the spray and scrub method. This is because I can get home from the grocery store, fill the sink or a bowl with water and vinegar, drop in the produce and continue putting groceries up without having to get my hands (and clothes) wet. I am all about any method that is hands off.

No need for any of that fancy produce wash or extra utensils making something so easy out to be such a show. These easy produce washes only need water, a sink or large bowl and some vinegar.

Non-Porous Produce
1 Sink
Warm Water (enough to fill the sink 3/4 of the way)
Cold Water (enough to cover the produce in the sink)
1 1/2 Cup Distilled Vinegar

Porous Produce
Large Bowl
4 Cups Cold Water
1/4 Cup Distilled Vinegar

Paper Towels or Clean Dishtowels to dry your produce after their soaking.

For your non-porous produce allow them to soak in the warm water and vinegar for 20 minutes before draining and covering with cool water for an additional 20 minute soaking. Make sure to agitate the produce. Drain all of the water out again and remove your produce from the sink onto the paper or dish towels and dry completely before storing.

For your porous produce you can to do a quick soak and rinse. Combine the vinegar and water into a bowl and drop in your produce. Agitate and let soak for about 15 minutes. Empty out and rinse thoroughly before drying.

These recipes are for large quantities of produce. For smaller quantities I will eyeball the water and vinegar ratio. Usually the water stays the same but the vinegar is less. Once you get comfortable with the produce soak you start figuring out what works best for which fruits and veggies and depending on how fresh they are and where you got them from. Most franchise grocery stores will put an oil on some of their produce to make them look shiny ( the tomato is one fruit that comes to mind...) therefore more enticing to consumers (those tricksters!!!).


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  1. Sam,I have never soaked produce like this. I must try it. Have a good weekend. Cheers


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