Friday, May 10, 2013

Healthy food is boring food?

Healthy food is boring food? by Custom Taste

     I recently read a blog post that was about doughnut bites made from pillsbury grands freezer dough, maybe you have seen the multiple recipe ideas floating around Pinterest and other social media outlets? On this post the blogger* said if you live on the boring side of life and only eat healthy food to turn away now, it was previously joked about how the bites were high in calories. The blogger then quickly stated that it was kind of a joke. Obviously a statement like that jerked me, a lot in fact. Stating that healthy food is boring and unhealthy is fun is not only counterproductive and insulting, but also extremely closed minded.
      First off, it is food. Its main purpose is as a fuel it should not be for entertainment, nor should someone be described by their chosen eating lifestyle. Secondly, statements like that are another reason why children, and many adults, don't like healthy foods. It is "boring" so they immediately assume it won't taste good, which is complete misconception to begin with. Don't get me wrong, I think preparing food should be somewhat enjoyable for everyone involved otherwise many individuals would stop cooking at home.
     IF healthy food is "boring"food, then I am 100% okay with that. Last time I checked high cholesterol, diabetes and heart attacks were probably the least fun thing anyone could take part in. Eating healthy prevents, or at least helps to prevent, all of these illness plus many others, even if you are genetically pre-disposed.
     Now if you liked the idea of this recipe (like I do), but are also one of those "boring" healthy food eaters (like myself), here are some tips to make this treat "boring":
  • Do not use vegetable oil, in fact don't even fry them. Simply roll the raw dough around in cinnamon sugar and bake them. The cinnamon sugar will melt into the dough, making it sweet throughout
  • Use sugar in the raw or honey instead of white or brown sugar (brown sugar is a lie anyway, you should never use it)
  • Make your own dough! There are tons of healthy dough recipes out on the web. If you feel pressed for time there are some healthy versions of pre-made dough in grocery stores. 
If there are any other ways that I missed, feel free to leave your suggestions in the comment section below and LONG LIVE BORING FOOD!

*I refused to state the name of the blogger or the blogger as I normally like what the blog is about, therefore one post has not turned me away. More so, this post made me realize the importance of food descriptions and how they can affect people's opinions drastically. Yay for learning experiences!*


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