Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Get on BlogLovin!!

Not trying to be pushy, but we would really hate to lose any of you awesome readers, so we would like to remind you all that we are on and Google reader will be shutting down as of Monday! If you would still like to keep up to date with us make sure to get over there! It is awesome for 6 reasons
1.) Easy to follow your favourite blogs
2.) We LOVE, LOVE the format. It is simple and easy to read the summary of blog posts
3.) You can make groups! Love food? Make a food blogger group! Love fashion? Make a fashion blogger group!
4.) Quick and easy sign up. Seriously.
5.) You can like or share the post right from your bloglovin homepage.
6.) You can import the blogs you already follow, instead of having to find them again!
Bonus: You can easily search and find any blog by either typing in the name or the url.

If you want to stay up to date with us (and all of your other bloggers) go over before Monday! Seriously, do it now.

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