Saturday, June 22, 2013

The Meatless Lifestyle 06/21/13

Today's intake was tough, but I did it and I also gave into a craving. Enjoy

2 slices Almond Banana Bundt Brake w/ 1 boiled egg and 1 TBSP organic creamy peanut butter and 2 slices of pear chopped up
Calories 350 Fat 16g Carbs 40g Protein 16g Fiber 8g

A veggie quesadilla w/ black bean tortillas, 2 small chopped up mushrooms and 2 oz zucchini sautéed  1 bean burger sliced into strips, 1 TBSP Tomato Bean Sauce and 1 TBSP Easy Pico De Gallo
Calories 299 Fat 10g Carbs 50g Protein 12g Fiber 11g

Snack 1
1 serving blue corn chips and 1 glass Hansen's Acai Blueberry juice
(not pictured)
Snack 2
1 homemade bean and queso fresco baked taquito w/ mustard
Calories 285 Fat 11g Carbs 42g Protein 7g  Fiber 4g

1 slice Mexican Lasagna w/ potato, onion, corn, tomato and zucchini salad and 1 TBSP siracha sauce
Calories 418 Fat 8g Carbs 63g Protein 15g Fiber 9g

I did not meet my water goal for today :( but I also did not feel thirsty throughout the day so at least that part is good. I also wanted to say the lasagna I had contained pork. I have been having trouble meeting my protein goal so I decided to eat actual meat one night for a boost, also I was craving pork (look for my upcoming post on cravings) When you start eating healthy having to eat a certain amont of calories a day can get pretty hard when you actually look at it. Most of my meals look huge but only contain anywhere from 175 to 400 calories and I am stuffed after eating it all. Today's entire intake was less than 1400 calories.

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