Thursday, June 13, 2013

Update: What Has Been Going On.

Hi everyone!
If you have noticed I have been pretty absent or irregular this past month, sorry about that. It was super busy. My Father and (now)Bonus Mother were in town from Vietnam, so the majority of my time was spent hanging out with them. It was very busy with going out to eat, baseball games, shopping and a wedding, but we had a great time. I did get to learn how to make Pelmeni (sort of like a Russian Ravioli) from my Bonus Mom and I am looking forward to making my own fillings.

While they were here I also celebrated my 25th birthday, which was great since my Father has been in Vietnam for the previous birthdays. We went to a great local sports bar/restaurant for dinner and drinks with grandparents. My 25th birthday drink was VERY different from my 21st that is for sure.

My father left on the 4th of this month and almost immediately afterwards Mr. Custom Taste and I started to completely rearrange our apartment. We just renewed our lease for another 14 months so we wanted to give the apartment a change to keep it interesting. We are also in the process of getting ready for Mr. Custom Taste's little (my bonus son) to come visit for the summer, so that has kept me plenty busy with organizing, rearranging, cleaning and planning. Just so you all know whenever I mention "Little Guy" that is who I am referring too.

Lastly, Mr. Custom Taste and I are getting ready to get really healthy. We started the diet portion of this plan this past Monday and it has been going great. We are using to help us keep on track of what we are eating since we are going for a low fat and low(simple)sugar diet. I try not to pay too much attention to calories but with that thing I don't want to get in the red so I work-out so I can eat more. I truly am a fat-kid at heart, but nothing wrong with working out everyday. I have also decided to go meatless.

I want to take some time to explain what I mean when I say meatless. I will not be eating any chicken, turkey, duck, cow, or pig (that one is proving to be the hardest so far, I love me some pulled pork). However, I will continue to eat limited quantities of seafood maybe once a week. So for those of you who practice meatless mondays or want to go meatless (even vegetarian) I will be TRYING to keep a diary of what I eat everyday and hopefully get some pictures as well. Each post that is referring to my meatless ways will be titled "The Meatless Lifestyle". Mr CT and Little Guy will continue to eat meat but will be partaking in Meatless Mondays.

Now I just want to cover this topic, I am not a vegetarian or pescatarian or any other type of -tarian. I am only going meatless. This means I will still be eating eggs, some dairy (yogurt, butter and goat's milke until our powder runs out and then I am nixing the milke) and limited cheese. All will be organic and natural of course.  I am doing this for health and to help save us money. I never really enjoyed meat to being with and anytime I have cut back on eating animal protein my body works better and I feel much more alert. I guess my ancestors weren't big meat eaters, huh?

Anywhoozles that is the end of this month's update. I might start to get one in every month, but who knows! Hope you lovely people have enjoyed my blog thus far and wil continue to enjoy it, I know I have loved doing this.
Thanks for any and all support and lovely comments!

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