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The Meatless Lifestyle 07/02/13

The Meatless Lifestyle
I finally made a header for The Meatless Lifestyle! What do you guys think? This will appear on the preview page for every Meatless Lifestyle post, so if you are interested in this little "diary" I have going on just look for the header!

I should probably call this a late brunch (not technically lunch, just yet). This little dish though was everything homemade (obviously the eggs and Siracha were store bought) and cooked in the microwave. My black bean tortillas, have zero oil in them so for some reason I can cook them for long periods of time in the microwave without having to worry about them getting hard or dried out. My first Black Bean Tortillas post does have oil in them so I will post this recipe soon. I keep forgetting, :(. Oh and yes, I did cook an egg in the microwave. Mr. Custom Taste had never really heard of such a thing until we were living together, I grew up with. Crazy how stuff like that happens isn't it?
1 homemade bean and rice burger, 1 homemade black bean tortilla, 1 TSP Siracha sauce, 1 TBSP crumbled goat cheese (thanks Mom!) and 1 egg

Calories 261 Carbs 32g Fat 10g Protein 20g Fiber 13g

We skipped lunch yesterday, well technically. I know such a bad habit, but I honestly was not hungry yesterday. We were super busy with the Little Guy and Mr. Custom Taste trying to fix his computer. 

We did breakfast for dinner! I made Shake 'Em Up Pancakes, Skillet Boiled Seasoned Potatoes and Simple Strawberry Syrup and Mr. Custom Taste made some quick Cinnamon-Sugar Pork Bits for him and Little Guy. I did try a few pieces because they looked so interesting. Tasted great! I will posting all of these recipes in the coming days. 
The Meatless Lifestyle 07/02/13
The full spread
The Meatless Lifestyle 07/02/13
The Cinnamon-Sugar Pork Bits

This is what my plate consisted of. 2 pancakes, 1 TBSP Simple Strawberry Syrup, 2 TSP Sprouts Crunchy Peanut Butter, 1 serving Skillet Boiled Seasoned Potatoes, a few pieces of fresh strawberries and OF COURSE 1 TSP Siracha sauce. I love my spicy.
Calories 411 Carbs 74g Fat 9g Protein 11g Fiber 9g

Mr. Custom Taste and I also had a few beers from a local brewery in Austin. The name of the beer we had was "The One They Call Zoe" by Hops & Grain. It was pale lager and was okay. Definitely light enough for me and as a "breakfast" dinner beer, but probably not something I would want again. It did not have enough of a hoppy flavour for me and tasted a little watery. However, if you are in the Austin area and see this, give it a try! You might like it. I had 3 beer altogether. 

*these number are not the exact nutrition for this brand, I just found a similar beer so I could record it*
Calories 396 Carbs 32g Fat 0g Protein 4g Fiber 4g

If you like me to put the nutrition value for the Cinnamon-Sugar Pork Bits, let me know! When I post the recipe it will be there, I just do not know how soon that will be.

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