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The Meatless Lifestyle 07/04/13 and on Not Drinking Your Calories

The Meatless Lifestyle 07/04/13 and on Not Drinking Your Calories

Happy day after USA Independance Day. You thought I wasn't going to make it today didn't you?Hope you all had a fun and safe time, and no one lost any appendages. Yesterday was a really good day for me, until after dinner. For the celebration of the day we decided to get some beer. Being beer snobs and hop heads we opted for Sierra Nevada Torpedo, which is an extra ipa. Needless to say, my fitness pal diary wasn't too happy.

I had about a 1/4 cup leftover cornmeal from two nights ago, a tsp of goat cheese w/ a baked egg all on top of a black bean tortilla and siracha sauce drizzled on top.
Calories 230 Carbs 31g Fat 7g Protein 10g Fiber 5g

Lunch was super yummy today! I had a rice and bean burger topped with more goat cheese wrapped in lettuce w/ 1 tsp of mustard. I also finished off the remainder of the previous nights salad. I felt to energized for the rest of the afternoon. Which was a great thing since Mr. Custom Taste got off of work early and we got pretty busy doing all sorts of activities w/ Little Guy.
Calories 217 Carbs 36g Fat 4g Protein 13g Fiber 14g

1 serving of Lentil Snaps with a blended juice. My blended juice consisted of ice, grapefruit juice, 1/2 a cucumber, 1/2 of a pear and 1 tsp cinnamon. It was yummy and the cinnamon overshadowed the bitterness of the grapefruit perfectly. Little Guy ended up jacking some and turned into a crazed, energy charged tornado. It was fun.
Calories 241 Carbs 51g Fat 3g Protein 5g Fiber 6g

First off, can I tell you how awkward I feel taking a photo of my plate in a crowded restaurant? SUPER AWKWARD! I don't know why, I just really hate it, so this one was a quick and sneaky snap, I am surprised at how well it turned out.We went out to eat for dinner, with it being Independance Day and we had a coupon for BOGO at a local restaurant. I had the shrimp taco plate, but only ate the 2 tacos and 1/2 of the beans. I get very satisfied, very quickly these days. 
The Meatless Lifestyle 07/04/13 and on Not Drinking Your Calories

Calories 422 Carbs 61g Fat 6g Protein 29g Fiber 18g

The Meatless Lifestyle 07/04/13 and on Not Drinking Your Calories
These guys are super delicious, but they are super sneaky. They also not for those of you use to light beers or dainty palates, unless you are adventurous. Mr. Custom Taste and I use to be able to put away a 12 pack of these in a night just a few months ago. They have a heavy mouth feel and our super hoppy. The first I had one was back when Mr. Custom Taste and I were still dating (oh so long ago), I felt as if I had been punched in the mouth. Nowadays, however, I do enjoy them. Since we started our healthy lifestyle we have cut way back on our consumption of alcoholic beverages and only pick the best when we do imbibe. Therefore, since it was a holiday and Mr. Custom Taste had gotten of early, AND we had gone out to dinner we decided to pick up a 6-pack of these bad boys up and split it. During the start of my second one I decided to enter all three of them into my fitness pal daily diary. Oh boy was I shocked. Even though I know beer, especially the dark kind, can be calorie laden I really wasn't expecting 244 calories for one 12 OZ bottle. As a devout water, tea and the occasionally energy drink drinker, this was something I was not use to. Even though they were pretty calorie packed it did not stop me from enjoying every last sip of my 2nd and 3rd one, it was a holiday after all and I had committed, it did get me thinking about my past get healthy stints and explained why they had floundered. So my PSA to all of you is to be careful and try your hardest not to drink your calories. Even if you are not feeling full, that does not mean you aren't consuming excess calories you will later have to deal with. With that said, if you get a surprise like I do, just roll with it, and don't get down on yourself. Enjoy what is left and just remember to be more aware for next time.
Oh and don't worry, Sierra Nevada, we will still be drinking these delicious beers, just in much more moderation.
Calories 735 Carbs 58g Fat 0g Protein 3g Fiber 0g

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