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The Meatless Lifestyle 07/05/13

The Meatless Lifestyle 07/05/13

My 5th day keeping up with my Meatless Lifestyle diary! Only 16 more days and it will officially become a habit. However, I think I am going to start pushing myself to getting them done the night before. Not only will the be the day of, but I will also make sure to cut off any food intake at a certain time of day.

1 package of Clif Crunch Peanut Butter. It was my first time having one of these and they were not all too bad. I probably won't have another one unless I am in a rush for whatever reason. They were super messy and all too potent for me to enjoy early in the morning
Calories 190 Carbs 24g Fat 9g Protein 4g Fiber 3g

Lunch was yummy, as always! I had one of the last of my rice and bean burgers (making more later today) w/ the rest of our goat cheese on a black bean tortilla and hot salsa on top. I paired it with 1 serving of Food Should Taste Good's Toasted Sesame chips. Seriously digging these things now.
Calories 346 Carbs 48g Fat 14g Protein 15g Fiber 16g

I had a banana before we went to sprouts to pick up some groceries for dinner. I am pretty sure you all know what a banana looks like. It was a large one.
Calories 121 Carbs 31g Fat 0g Protein 1g Fiber 4g

We did a special dinner last night as Mr. Custom Taste has been working really hard and we have been doing really well with our finances. He got a steak to cook for himself and Little Guy and we got a sweet cheddar cheese and a bolo loaf for all of us to share. He also made a quick salad of lettuce, onion, tomato w/ a vinegar dressing topped w/ raw sesame seeds. My protein was two Sol Cuisine Mushroom Rice Patties. They were super yummy!
Calories 424 Carbs 53g Fat 11g Protein 27g Fiber 7

We ended up getting another beer to go with our cheese night. This time it was Stone IPA and was much lighter than the night before's beer. I suggest anyone who likes to be adventurous try this. It is a little on the expensive side. But a 6 pack is plenty for 2. It was almost 1/2 the calories as well.
Calories 564 Carbs 120g Fat 0g Protein 3g Fiber 0g

After Dinner Snack
We were super spoiling ourselves yesterday. It had been a really good day and a fun day, so we really weren't too worried about how much we were eating we were just making sure it was good quality so a little would go a long way. I had a small slice of Sprouts molasses oat bread w/ a slice of brie and agave.
Calories 71 Carbs 13g Fat 1g Protein 2g Fiber 0g

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