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The Meatless Lifestyle 07/06/13

The Meatless Lifestyle 07/06/13

Better late than never, right? Sundays are half days for Mr. Custom Taste. This Sunday I spent the majority of the day catching up on cleaning and laundry I also was not feeling to hot either so after my workout I, literally, passed out on the floor for a good hour. Luckily this was during Little Guy's quiet time, so it was a luxury to say these least. This is post of for saturday (incase anyone gets confused)

A smoothie! Sometimes actually having to chew my food in the morning is the biggest annoyance to me. We were out of eggs so I opted for something soft, which also happened to be drinkable! It consisted of 1/4 cup of frozen sliced bananas, 1/4 cup of frozen strawberry slices, 1 cup of goat milk, 1 TSBP of all natural creamy peanut butter, and a handful of ice all blended up.
Calories 267 Carbs 22g Fat 15g Protein 12g Fiber 2g

I made 2 tiny tacos using 1 Sol Cuisine Mushroom and Rice burger, 2 black bean tortillas, goat cheese, veggies and hot sauce on top. It was a little messy, but super yummy!
Calories 210 Carbs 20g Fat 8g Protein 14g Fiber 5g

Every month I take part in a cooking challenge hosted by a good blogger friend of mine, So I made the challenge for dinner. You'll have to wait until the 20th to see what was all in it. I ended up making pinto bean tortillas and a yummy ranch flavoured cabbage slaw to go along with the challenge. Feel free to guess!
Calories 396 Carbs 61g Fat 7g Protein 12g Fiber 17g

Our last beer night for a couple of week. We ended with Old Chub Scotch Ale. It was yummy and has a medium mouth feel to it. It wasn't too calorie laden either and went great with dinner!
Calories 735 
I could not find in complete nutritional information on these so this is all I have. 

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