Thursday, July 11, 2013

The Meatless Lifestyle 07/09/13 and Listening to Your Body

The 9th was amazing! It was bright and sunny all day, I was full of energy, my chest wasn't as agitated, Little Guy behaved all day (minus a hiccup), and Mr. Custom Taste got off early and today is his day off! What more could a girl want? I even got to do a full hour of pilates since my chest was feeling better. So quick story, I have a very difficult time doing any sort of quick side to side twist or leaning back and forth. My chest makes a sawing noise and it seems like air is getting pushed out but it is not. I forgot about this little annoyance and did a bunch of russian twists about 4 or 5 days ago and ever since then it has been hard to do a full-out work out without chest pains, think constant heartburn that can't be cured with an antacid. Don't worry it is not my heart (that thing is healthier than a horse), from what I have read into it has do with enlarged ribs rubbing against an inverted esophagus (hence the sawing noise). I soon as I can I will be going to get it checked out, but for now I make sure to listen to my body as much as possible, especially when my chest starts to act up. Since I was super active in high school and throughout college, but always weighed a little more than I should have, my commitment to this getting healthy lifestyle has been bringing up old injuries and "quirks" that I had completely forgot about. Anytime I try a new workout I have to make sure to hone into what my body is telling me so I don't overdue it and end up with a really bad injury. This can be especially hard when I start to notice I am getting close to goals, but I always have to remember temporary happiness is not worth long-term grief. So if you have any "quirks" or old injuries and you start a new lifestyle (and don't have good or any health insurance) make sure to listen to your body so you know when to stop and take a break.

Breakfast was pretty blah. I have been craving eggs and we have been out (huge bummer, but going grocery shopping today!) so I settled for 1/4 cup steel cut oatmeal, 1/2 cup goat milk, 3 strawberries and some Vietnamese coffee (thanks dad and mom!). Oh and I thought I would eat grapes, turns out I wasn't feeling it. So Little Guy got them for his lunch, he eats anything if he even thinks I am about to eat it myself.
Calories 297 Carbs 44g Fat 7g Protein 19g Fiber 5g

Leftover tomato soup w/ macaroni shells and boiled zucchini and 1 tsp Siracha sauce

Calories 292 Carbs 54g Fat 5g Protein 13g Fiber 9g

Sweet potato fries and 1 TBSP of mustard. Om Nom!
Calories 108 Carbs 8g Fat 8g Protein 0g Fiber 1g

1 homemade whole wheat hot dog bun, 2 tsp mustard, 6 tomato slices and 1 serving of sesame chips.
Calories 385 Carbs 54g Fat 13g Protein 14g Fiber 7g

For my workout I did a pilates DVD workout that I have owned for almost a year. I use to do her workouts on Netflix, until netflix got rid of their exercise section (thanks, Netflix!). I love this one because it really makes you work for it and if you follow her moves exactly you get a really good all over workout. The big plus is that it helps to build muscle tone and make you lean. When you have muscles that are getting a workout they burn more fat than just doing lifts or running so you drop inches quick. It is probably my favourite workout routine. I am still pushing myself with her workouts, but I know soon I will need to seek a more difficult workout routine.

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