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The Meatless Lifestyle 07/11/12

The Meatless Lifestyle 07/11/12 from Custom Taste

Better late than never right? I have been preoccupied with a super fun project! Not food related but I will be doing a post about it following this one as I am so excited about it! This was my intake as of the 11th, the last time I actually made an effort to keep track. I am starting up again today though. No insights from the past fews days, just been busy with my project, taking care of things around the house and Mr. Custom Taste's odd work schedule. Enjoy!

1 large and 1 small Shake 'Em Up Pancake with peanut banana butter and cinnamon. 1 cup of tea and 1 glass of Juice
The Meatless Lifestyle 07/11/12 from Custom Taste

Calories 302 Carbs 58 Fat 6g Protein 7g Fiber 8g

1 rice and bean burger, 1 cabbage "steak" with 1/4 cup tomato soup and 1 tbsp of mole sauce
I forgot to take a pictures, it was too yummy looking. Do not fear, it will be made again.
Calories 243 Carbs 49g Fat 5g Protein 12g Fiber 18g

1 Cup of fusilli pasta, some tomato, onions and cucumber with mustard and soy sauce. 1 spinach cake made with chopped spinach, flour and flax meal.
The Meatless Lifestyle 07/11/12 from Custom Taste

Calories 307 Carbs 56g Fat 2g Protein 10g Fiber 6g

My "real" workout today was another pilates DVD. It was 10 minute solutions but this one was called "Rapid Results" and features Lara Hudson as the instructor. It gets the job done but is not as intensive as Pilates Perfect Body.

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