Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Why I have been MIA this past week.

So where have I been for the past week?
New Build. Pretty Mimas from Custom Taste

Working on this little lady below! Okay, big lady.
I call her Mimas, and she is mine.
New Build. Pretty Mimas from Custom Taste
Working from home, my computer is pretty much my livelihood and the computer I was using was old, slow and parts were outdated. It would get far too hot when trying to do anything worth wild and trying to edit pictures was a disaster on an old screen with a resolution that makes films from the 1920s look like they were filmed in HD. It was Mr. Custom Taste's and when he did his new build I adopted the old parts. This was an upgrade from my 3.5 year old Macbook. At least the screen was bigger. I am not the person to get something new unless it is ultimately and 100% needed. However, Mr. Custom Taste convinced me that it was time for an upgrade and so I said yes. After months of watching him work on his build (known as Deathbringer, what a dude, right?) and helping when he needed me, I was pretty excited to start one on my own (with him close by of course). I had the majority of the innards, they were not the current generation but not outdated just yet. We spent about 2 weeks looking for the parts that I needed to upgrade and when we finally decided on the right ones, we ordered them off amazon. We did 2 day shipping, I had waited long enough after all.

Finally the delivery day had arrived! It also coincided with Mr. Custom Taste's day off. THANK GOODNESS! The entire day I was constantly checking the UPS website to see where everything was at. Every time we had to venture out of the home to run errands, I was fretting that they would just leave everything next to the door and it would get hot and ruined. (It was a hot day, of course). When the first pieces finally arrived I was giddy as a school girl hearing a knock on the door. I ran to the door, threw it open and there, in all of their glory, were the first pieces.I screamed with excitement and could hear the delivery guy shout "Have a great day!" while laughing. Afterwards, I wondered if reactions like that made their days and jobs a little bit better. After all they are pretty much everyday Santas, right?

The first parts to arrive were the chassis, a.k.a case, and the CPU Fan, a.k.a something that looks like it will take my fingers off.
We waited until Little Guy's quiet time before getting started. Which meant I had to wait an extra 2 hours after the arrival. AH! As soon as we closed LG's door, I grabbed my camera and snapped these pictures of the starting process;
New Build. Pretty Mimas from Custom Taste
A picture of me? Are times changing for us? Maybe.

New Build. Pretty Mimas from Custom Taste
AND Mr. CT? What is going on?

New Build. Pretty Mimas from Custom Taste

The unboxing. For people who work on computers (or any type of electronic really) unboxing is pretty much like Christmas, just a lot slower. First you remove everything from the box. Second, you go through all the manuals and parts making sure everything is there as well as taking time to obsess over the item, and lastly, you do a full look at the main part. With the chassis, that meant unscrewing the outside panels and taking a good look inside.

I will write a more in depth post about how well the build went, but I wanted to let you guys know everything is all good in the H-Town hood! This build was extremely inexpensive as well. Like many things, making your own is much cheaper than buying it from a store. If you have any questions about any of your electronics or how to fix up your own computer on a budget, ask away! Mr. CT and myself consider ourselves pretty technologically savvy (Mr. CT being far more so) and Mr. CT is really great at explaining things on all sorts of levels.

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