Sunday, August 4, 2013

Back from Vacation

WE ARE BACK!!!(again)
I did not realize how crazy busy our summer has been until I sat down to write this post. Goodness me! It feels like we have been going and going every since May 8th, when Mr. CT and I went down to the heart of the Texas Hill Country to meet up with my father, (new) mom and grandparents.During their time here we had a bunch or sight seeing, catching up, dinners and of course a small wedding. Almost as soon as father and new mom left we got LG for a month and a half of fun, hard and great times! Before LG's switch we started the first few days of the vacation off hanging out and playing on Lake Conroe where FIL has a beautiful house! After the switch we came back here for some well deserved time off before Mr. CT had to head back to his day job and I had to get back to mine. Don't get me wrong we had a blast! It is just nice to be getting everything back in order and getting back to a schedule. SO! The line up for my catch posts are;
A few Meatless Lifestyle posts I neglected (sorry!)
Part One of the Mimas Build
A "How To Deal With..."
A "How To Store..."
Two or three new recipes
AND.. A Bite Battle!
It has been ages since I did a bite battle, I know. This will be a little different than the previous, and you'll see!
I know that summer is winding down for many of you, kids leaving, school starting, etc. I hope everyone had a delightful summer, and I am so looking forward to fall! This Texas summer was probably the most tame and wet summer I have experienced in my 6 summers being here.
Best get to work on these posts, hope you all enjoy!

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