Saturday, September 7, 2013

Cheezy Quinoa Enchiladas

Cheezy Quinoa Enchiladas by Custom Taste
Recently I have grown tired of rice and beans into my tacos and enchiladas so I made some enchiladas with Quinoa Taco Sub. They are filling and taste exactly like taco meat. These were definitely a yummy and much needed changed from the usual meatless fillings and substitutes. Being meatless that is definitely something I try to aim for is keeping my meals new and tasty and that helps to keep my on my meatless track. So give these a try for a Meatless Monday or if you are also growing a little tired of the usually meatless food fare. 

Shopping List

Baking Dish
Baking Dish Liner
Measuring Cup and TBSP
Mixing Spoon
2 Mixing Bowls
Time 35 Minutes
Prep 10 Minutes
Cook 25 Minutes
Yield 2 Servings
Time To Get Cooking!!!
Heat up the tortillas for 20 seconds in the microwave or until easily flexible
In one bowl mix together Quinoa Taco Substitute and 1/4 Cup Cheeze Sauce
Mix together water and 1 TBSP Cheeze Sauce
Cheezy Quinoa Enchiladas by Custom Taste
Mix together the water and 1 TBSP cheese sauce
Preheat oven to 350 degrees
Roll tortillas around in the cheeze and water mixture
Take 1/2 of the Quinoa and Cheese Sauce mixture and roll up into a tortilla and then lay on the seam
Cheezy Quinoa Enchiladas by Custom Taste
Pour any remaining Quinoa and/or Cheeze Sauce on top
Sprinkle cheese shreds if desired
Cheezy Quinoa Enchiladas by Custom Taste
Bake for 25 Minutes

Top with chopped tomatoes and with a side of bean soup or Spanish Rice and Pico De Gallo

Storing and Reheating
Wait until cooled before placing in a lidded container. Store in fridge for up to 4 days. Reheat in microwave or oven until warmed throughout

Nutritional Information
Calories 347
Fat 11g
Carbs 54g
Protein 18g

Cost Information
Recipe Cost:$0.65
Cost Per Serving:$0.65


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