Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Chicken Cheese Enchiladas

Ever since I perfected the Cheeze Sauce recipe I try to keep it on hand as much as possible. The sauce is also a great way to add cheesy flavour without the added fat or calorie associated with traditional cheese. I also love anything tex-mex. Since enchiladas are super easy to customize and no matter what you stuff them with it can all cook at the same time, so it makes it super easy for a couple like Mr. CT and myself. I can make a meatless enchilada for me and meaty enchiladas for him. If you haven't guessed this is the recipe I made for him!

Shopping List
  • 1 Cup Shredded Chicken
  • 4 Tortillas
  • 1/4 Cup + 1 TBSP Cheeze Sauce
  • 1 TSP Unsalted Butter
  • 1 TSP Cumin
  • 1 TSP Tomato Paste
  • 1/4 Cup Water
  • 1/2 Cup Chopped Onion
  • Sprinkling of Shredded Cheese (optional)

Mixing Bowl
Measuring Cup and TSP
Baking Dish
Dish Liner
Stir Spoon
Time 45 Minutes
Prep 20 Minutes
Cook 25 Minutes
Yield 2 Servings

Time To Get Cooking!!!
Chop up the onion

Mix together 1/4 cup cheeze sauce, cumin, and tomato paste
Melt the butter in the skillet over medium high heat
Once the butter is fully melted and bubbling add in the shredded chicken and onion
Saute up the chicken and onion until the chicken is browned
Stir in the cheeze, cumin and tomato mix until absorbed

Remove from heat
Mix together the water and 1 TBSP cheese sauce
Heat up the tortillas until they are flexible
Roll tortillas around in the cheeze and water mixture
Take 1/4 of the chicken mix and roll up into a tortilla and then lay on the seem
Repeat until all tortillas are used
If you have left over chicken sprinkle on top along with the remaining cheeze and water mixture
Preheat oven to 350 degrees
Sprinkle on the shredded cheese if you so wish
Bake for 25 minutes

2 enchiladas alone or with a side such as Pico De Gallo or Spanish Rice

Storing and Reheating
Once cooled enough to place in a container, place in fridge for up to 2 days

Nutritional Information
Calories 283
Fat 12g
Carbs 25g
Protein 17g

Cost Information
Recipe Cost:$0.86
Cost Per Serving:$0.43

For an extra melty and restaurant style enchilada cook under the broiler until the cheese just browns
If you do decide to place it under the broiler, make sure you are not using a silicon mat.

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