Saturday, September 7, 2013

Left-Over Salad Breakfast Taco

One night Mr. CT and I had a large dinner salad with some leftovers. The next morning I decided to re-purpose this "dinner" salad into a breakfast taco. This is great for times when you, also, have leftover salad and do not want it to go to waste. You get a great overall nutrient boost and you save money. There is nothing wrong with using leftover for breakfast and this is a great overall healthy breakfast. Not to mention it is quick, yummy and super versatile with whatever salad leftovers you may have.

Shopping List
1 Homemade Tortilla
Left-over Dinner Salad at least 1 Cup worth (mine was romaine lettuce, tomato and red onion)
2 Whole Eggs
1 TBSP Almond Milk
1 TSP Unsalted Butter
1 TBSP Chipotle Sauce

Mixing Bowl

Time 6 Minutes
Prep 2 Minutes
Cook 4 Minutes
Yield 1 Taco

Time To Get Cooking!!!
Mix up almond milk, eggs and desired spices
Left-Over Salad Breakfast Taco by Custom Taste
Heat up butter in skillet until bubbling
Pour in eggs and salad
Scramble until eggs are cooked throughout
Left-Over Salad Breakfast Taco by Custom Taste
Meanwhile heat up tortillas until flexible
Lay tortilla on plate
Pour eggs and salad onto tortilla
Dollop chipotle sauce on top

Anytime of the day

Storing and Reheating
Not needed

Nutritional Information
Calories 192
Fat 9g
Carbs 15g
Protein 9g

Cost Information
Recipe Cost:$0.43
Cost Per Serving:$0.43


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