Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Getting ready to juice.-Long overdue

So I meant to post this over a month ago but time and a few major changes got away from me, now that things have calmed down an immense amount the next few posts will be about before we juiced, during and after! Enjoy!

Another blogger (My Healthy Chef) I follow, who I also went to college with AND was a sorority sister, did a juice cleanse in December and really got me thinking and planning about getting back into a healthy lifestyle. Mr. CT and I have not be crazy unhealthy, but winter and the holidays make us a bit lazy. So we decided that on Jan 6th we are going to start getting healthy again.  We are looking to start a family this year so starting a change in January was the perfect opportunity. We can start with the New Year and continue from there. Why the 6th through? Mr. CT is taking a break from work so he can focus on starting his own business or getting into programming and possibly start some classes so he can find a career he enjoys instead of just one to make money. With me working from home we figured why not (plus it is a Monday)!? We save money from not always having to leave, it will also be easier to get healthy since we won't be driving past restaurants or getting something quick because we forgot lunch at home. It also gives an opportunity to spend more time together and get on a better schedule so when Mr. CT gets back into the job world, or his business starts to take off, we won't have to scramble or worry about anything but the business.

I also got a new fancy photo app for  my phone. :D

I looked up a bunch of recipes using and JuiceRx app on my phone and made a list of the fruits, veggies and herbs we would need for a 3 day cleanse. A list you ask? Well, first off I am a huge list maker so that part was obvious. Secondly, I wanted to prepare since juicing is not about just drinking juice, you still need to consume a certain amount of calories a day. With the recipes and the list I will be able to get the right amount of produce to ensure we are getting our daily amount of calories that way the cleanse works. Why only three days? We are doing a full week, but juicing is only for the first 3 days. After the first 3 days we will slowly start adding in solid foods starting with easiest to digest going up to the more difficult foods to digest on day 7. Doing a cleanse and then jumping right back into normal eating habits can make the cleanse pointless and not really help your health in the long run, at least in our opinion.

We went grocery shopping mid-morning and got enough produce for 3 days of juicing and guess what?! We made out like bandits! Our local HEB is having a "Start Fresh Fest" which means there are great deals on fresh produce as well as other healthy items. Our basket was pretty full with all of our goods and we hadn't been keeping a close eye on the prices like we usually do, we figured do this cleanse properly we needed to get good stuff so that our healthy kick-start would be successful. Man, were we surprised at checkout! Our total cost was $32.81 but the produce itself was only $25.89! We are choosing to freeze our bank account for this month, at least for the first 2 weeks. We have never done this before so we are setting goals. We did pick up a few last minute items like acorn squash, rice and turkey so throw in the freezer. The produce we got was;
  • 1 large bag of #5 Carrots-$3.88
  • 1 Bunch of beets (ended up being 4 medium sized beets with tops)-$1.47
  • 3 Bunches of celery-$2.10
  • About 1 pound of jalapenos (this is all Matt's idea, his spicy fascination is extending to juicing as well. I'll update on how THAT goes)-$0.99
  • 2 Large cucumbers-$1.16
  • 1 COLOSSAL sweet onion (another Matt idea, I am very intrigued to see the result)-$1.69
  • 1 3 pound bag of red delicious apples-$3.97
  • 2 bunches of curly leaf parsley-$1.00
  • 3 large bunches of kale-$2.64
  • 5 medium sized lemons-$1.00
  • 10 medium sized limes-$1.00
  • About 4 pounds of tomatoes-$2.71
As you can see I did stray away from my list a little, but that's why I make lists! I knew the basis of what I needed therefore I could make quick decisions based on pricing. The best part is we already had grapefruit and extra limes so that was another expense that we did not have to worry about. So on Jan  6th off we went! Look for follow posts updating you all on our juicing and healthful change adventure(s)!!!!

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