Thursday, February 6, 2014

Juicing- Day 1

Like I said in my post yesterday we did a juice cleanse in the beginning of January, well here is day one! Unfortunately I only got my pictures while Matt did not. But I do have the recipes as well! For the frist day I was not hungry I was actually uncomfortably full each "meal". As for those onions and jalapenos we got, well this day you can find out about how well the onions went over (hint: not well). We juiced our juice ten minutes before consuming (took about 10 minutes to chill to how I liked it) I have seen that you can juice up to 24 hours before you drink the juice and before the nutrients start to lose their healthy value. However, since I work from home and Hubby is taking a sabbatical (more on that to come). We did our juicing when we planned to drink it to get the full effect.

This day was also our first juice only day.
8 oz of hot water
1/2 juiced lemon
1 medium slice of lemon
1 TSP Ground Cinnamon
8 oz plain water
This was honestly not that bad of a mix and it definitely helped me from feeling groggy while my juice chilled and I got a few light chores done before having to sign into work. I think the top two reasons were; 1) the tartness of the lemon is like a kick in the mouth after waking up 2) when sipping on how water you do need to focus or you will get burned, literally.

Breakfast Juice (no photo):
- 2 apples
- 3 carrots
- 1/2 Large Grapefruit
This was yummy and like a kick to my mouth, so my mouth got kicked twice in one morning! It also was very energizing. When I drink my juice I let it chill for about 10-20 minutes before chugging it down. Instead of sipping I try to drink it within in a few minutes so that it stays together and stays cool. I am not a fan of having to constantly shake or stir the juice while drinking it. This juice was also really easy to drink through a straw since there was not much pulp that got past our juicer. We have a pretty old and heavily used juicer.

Lunch Juice
- 2 Small Gold Potatoes
- 6 large Kale Leaves
- 2 Medium Cloves Garlic
- 2 Large Carrots
- 1 Roma Tomato

So juiced potato is not that bad, but also not that great. It added a strange nasally spice to the drink. The starch also was too think and gritty to drink. If it I kept stirring, it would settle very quickly. Aside from the potato issue the overall taste was very yummy, and fresh! Also, extremely filling. I chill and jug my juice while I know some will chill and then sip. I do it because I know if I sip it will get far too warm to quickly and the juice will be too hard for me to swallow, literally.

Dinner Juice:

- 1/2 Bunch of Parsley
- 6 Large Kale Leaves
- 1 Large Cucumber
- 4 Large Stalks Celery
My dinner juice was pretty much a green machine. It had a very grassy smell but a nice and easy taste. Not to mention super filling after I chugged it. Now about those onions Mr. CT was excited about juicing...yeah that did not go over well. He said that the onions were (and I quote) "Too rich, too pungent, just, just too much" . The future should have some tasty meatloaf or turkey burgers though (we froze the juice he couldn't finished. This is not the first time it has happened)! I do know some juice recipes do call for onions and some people can do it, so more power to them! I also downed roughly 80 oz of plain water. I did a Google search on suggested amount of water and discovered that you should be drinking, at least, half of your weight in ounces of water daily. So since I weigh roughly 150-155 pounds I need to be consuming at least 77 ounces of plain water a day, and then drink more according to my activity level (not including the water I would get from eating). Are you getting enough water everyday?

Calories=617. Eesh...not that good. Regardless of what you are doing (juice cleanse, rice and turkey meat, whatever) you should always be consuming a base amount of  net calories. For me it is 1200. I was not very active during that time but you burn calories even at complete rest, if you didn't you'd be dead...or extremely cold.
(anyone else surprised about the amount of protein just in the juice? There goes the "non-meat eaters don't get enough protein" myth)

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