Saturday, January 10, 2015

Monthly Challenge: Happy Hydration!

HAPPY NEW YEAR...and blah blah blah. It is the 1st day of 2015 and here I am getting ready to conquer 2015. How do I plan on conquering 2015 you say? Easily! I have perused Pinterest for challenges that might be fun, beneficial, and interesting. Each month I will do a new challenge. The challenges range from something as simple as drinking more water, to some harder ones like de-cluttering in 31 days. Okay maybe some of you might find that easy but de-cluttering for me. 

The first challenge of 2015 is *drumroll*...

Now onto the introductions...or whatever.

Why a water challenge? I feel like it is the perfect time to re-hydrate myself after the holiday parties, alcohol, and eating. I definitely slipped up on my water consumption and water is the best way to get back to my regular diet and activity level, the best way to detox, and the best way to keep (and stay) active. 

How does the challenge work? On the pins I found the people involved pledged to drink 64 oz of water meaning no soda, coffee, or juice, it has to be water for a month straight. Tea and infused plain water are okay since they just act as flavoring, however it is also up to you if you choose to participate. I am only changing the amount of water I drink. Sixty-four ounces is what is recommended for the average American. I am not average. I am taller, more active, weigh less, and I live in a warmer climate. Sure it might be winter, but it is still warmer. This meant to find the proper amount for me some Googling would need to be done, and done it was. I found a nice site called Water Intake Calculator, so appropriate.
Here my results. Like many things on the internet I will be using this as more of a guide than exact rules. Therefore,

 My pledge is that I will drink between 70-90 ounces of just water daily for the 31 days of January. 

How will you keep track? Easy! Well, for now. I have a water bottle that is about 35 ounces if you fill it all the way to the top. I will have to drink at least two full bottles in one day to reach my goal. I am on the lookout for a newer, slightly larger, and easier to carry bottle, but my current one will work until I find that new bottle. I will also try to update My Fitness Pal, unless I find a better app to keep track. Suggestions welcome!

What day will it start? TODAY! No better time than the present, as they say. Here is proof and here I go. Wooooo Happy Hydration!

I posted this around 3pm on intsagram. It was so easy to do, for the first day at least. We will see how it continues! Join me and tag me #HappyHydration

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