Wednesday, January 6, 2016

#listersgotta list Day 6

1. Follow the established workout schedule
2. Track my intake with My Fitness Pal on a daily basis
3. Attempt 1 gallon of water a day
4. Avoid allergens or foods that I am intolerant to
5. Take time out to meditate or mentally relax
6. Use a planner to help ease my mind
7. Don't worry too much about the far future
8. Be sure to take vitamins daily as they have a profound effect on my health if I do not. 
9. Financially, make sure to not over spend as that has led to me stressing in the past.
10. If I do not find something beautiful or necessary (person or thing) I need to be sure to remove it from my life or not have it at all. 
11. Get a really good hair cut.
12. Keep up my skincare routine. It has been working wonders.

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