Saturday, January 2, 2016

#listersgottalist Day 2

1. Married to my awesome hubby whom I have know, officially, for five years.
2. Bonus parent to an almost 7 year old.
3. High school English teacher who is sort of excited to get back to my students but sort of going to miss lazing around all day.
4. My apartment is a mess.
5. We have started the purge to get ready for moving.
6. Getting ready for the craziness that will be this first month of 2016. Going back to work, moving, staying on a work-out schedule.
7. Just started this listers thing and it has already been pretty fun.
8. Learning how to do my own make-up correctly after years of being interested but never confident enough to actually try. 
9. Studying to take my ESL Supplemental in a few weeks
10. Started writing again thanks to this listers thing.
11. Half-way planned this coming semester so I can be less stressed than last semester.
12. Planning a 4 year wedding anniversary! Either to Arkansas, the beach, or for camping. Never know what sorta of weather May will bring.

Day 3

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