Sunday, May 15, 2016

Shredded Chicken Muffins

Anything baked in a muffin pan makes it a muffin right? Regardless, these are easy to store and pack for work or school lunches.  They re-heat extremely well and are perfectly portioned so you no longer have to guess on how much you ate or how much you can eat. 

Chicken (boneless and skinless)
Cooking Spray. (or any other form of non-stick, however an aerosol is best if you care about fat)
Tenderizer (optional)
Preferred seasonings (also optional)

Muffin pan(s)
Food Processor
Small mixing bowl

Make sure your chicken is completely thawed out.
Trim your chicken to remove any skin or tendon that may be attached
Put a little less than the max amount by volume of chicken into your food processor. If you have a smaller food processor you may want to roughly cut up your chicken to prevent bogging down your food processor and over working the motor. You will more than likely need to do a few batches, so take your time.
Once you have shredded the first batch, grab your mixing bowl and scale

Weigh out 4 oz of the raw shredded chicken (standard sized muffin pan. If you muffin pan is bigger you can add to it. Just make sure to record the weight for each)

Raw to cooked conversion. Cooked chicken weighs, on average, 75% of the raw weight. If you track your macros 4 oz raw = 3 oz cooked.

Set your oven to 425 degrees and cook for 30 minutes

Let cool before popping out of the pan. Let cool to room temperature before storing in the fridge or freezer.

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