Monday, December 26, 2016

Channel Update December 19th to the 23rd


Leg Day Hypertrophy Workout

Greetings Fan Club!

Even though I will be posting video I will also be posting a companion text for those of you who either don't want to watch a video, prefer to read, or what other reason might be out there. (I know, once a teacher always a teacher.)

This is actually the leg day for my Week 3 during this cycle of my program- more program information is worked on and slowly, but surely making its way to main stage-and it is a hypertrophy day. 

Heavy Dead-lift Pull Day

Every pull day involves dead-lifting at some varying between x% and 80% of my personal record ( a.k.a. PR).  This day just so happened to be the heaviest for this current cycle of my 5-week program. The rest of my lofts were  bit lighter so I could focus on my dead-lift form.  Also! Dead-lifts are done on a pull day because it involves your back more than legs (if you're doing it properly) 

Push Day after work and dealing with anemia.

Everyday Life/Work

Thanksgiving Last Weekend

First Day Back


None this week.


None this week.

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