Friday, December 16, 2016

Snacks I'm loving

Take a look at my current at home and at work snack situation. Get some ideas and give some a try. All easy to make and all ingredients are easy to find. My main goal for these snacks was to try to keep low fat, higher carb, and moderate to high protein. My days can get pretty busy so keep carbs and protein high help to keep me going with out sugar crashes. If you are on a low carb diet, make sure to adjust as needed-and you might want to skip the rice cakes.

Protein frosting and cookies
4 Oz triple zero yogurt
28g Salted Caramel Quest Protein
Sprouts Pumpkin snaps
Calories- 301
Fat- 3g
Carbs- 32 g
Fibre- 7g
Protein- 34g

Sprouted toast and Sunflower butter
2 pieces sprouted toast 
1 tbsp Sunbutter
Fat- 9g
Carbs- 42g
Fibre- 8g
Protein- 12g

Muscle Milk. 
Light or regular, but always chocolate. 
I have started drinking the light more because we can get them at Costco for a really great price. On occasion I will indulge in a Muscle Monster, the vanilla tastes like a latte! 
                                    Light Macros:                           Genuine Macros: 
                                    Calories-100                             Calories 130
                                    Fat- 1g                                       Fat- 4g
                                    Carbs- 5g                                  Carbs- 7g
                                    Fibre- 3                                      Fibre- 7g
                                   Protein- 20g                               Protein 20g 

Rice Cakes and Jerky 
Last but not least my main work snacks. Any flavor rice cake (I tend to go more sweet) and some protein. Once again,  Costco has a great price for thick cut jerky that is a great midday pick me up. 
Rice Cake (based on the one pictured. They can change slightly depending on brand and flavour)
Macros (1 cake is one serving):                                                
Fat- 0g
Carbs- 11g
Fibre- 0g
Protein- 1g
Kirkland Brand Jerky 
Macros (1 oz serving):
Fat- 1g
Carbs- 5g
Fibre- 0g
Protein- 9g
These are not the only snacks I, but definitely my go-to so far. The Sunbutter toast and protein frosting are kept mainly to weekends because I don't snack at home during the week and trying to make that at work would be very time consuming. In the morning I can grab a Muscle Milk on my way out the door 

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