Monday, January 23, 2017

Mobility Workout

I swear it isn't as torturous as I made it look...unless you are super sore from #legday then it is in fact torturous...but worth it! I promise. I mean, I did it and I am just fine.

This workout is on my YouTube channel if you need a visual of how the stretches are done.

What you will need;
A 'peanut' or two baseballs taped tightly together like so. 
Tennis ball

The routine
You want to start with the active release exercises. The active release portion requires the foam roller and the peanut.  If you don't have a peanut a tennis ball can work as well. We will start with the smaller muscles and work out way up to the larger muscles and muscle groups. 

Active Release
Tennis ball 

Low back

Foam roller
Upper back/spine

Static Release 
The mat isn't required,  but something to put between you and the floor. Especially if you have tile. Remember static stretching means you stretch until you feel the muscle releasing and then you hold. If you are able to stretch a little bit more,  do! Just do it very slow and deliberately. 

The Moves. 
❌Seated neck release.  15 seconds each direction  x2
Thread the needle upper back stretch 15 seconds per side x2 
Sideline thoracic rotational stretch 15 seconds per side x2
❌Cat/dog stretch.  Hold each position for 3 seconds.  Repeat x10
❌Trunk twist x10
❌Lunging hip flexor stretch 30 seconds per side
❌Single leg quad/patellar stretch 30 seconds each leg
❌Double leg/quad patellar stretch.  30 second hold
❌Single leg toe touch hamstring stretch 30 seconds each leg. 
❌Standing hamstring stretch 30 second each leg
❌Downward dog 60 seconds

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