Tuesday, January 3, 2017

The Busy Paradox

It feels as I get older or just how the world is now - IDK I am only 29 here- If you aren't busy you aren't living life...yet being busy gets in the way of living life. Quite the paradox?

 It feels like everyone is in competition or trying to one up someone else when they claim they are busy...
E.g. "You think two kids, cleaning, and two soccer games is busy? Well I had to take Tommy to work because the car needed to go to the shop. I dropped the car at the shop and had my mom pick me up and we went to brunch, which we had to rush through because Sarah's daycare is only half day. After that Sarah had ballet practice on one side of town and I had a hair appointment on the other side of town." get the picture. 

It seems the busier the better. I felt like if I wasn't moving, I was wasting time. If I wanted to do something I was always thinking about what I would have to give up. Most of the time it fell on my health first and relationships second. 

Getting back into fitness is what has made me want to slow down and just enjoy life. The whole point of me getting fit is so I have the energy to do that. So what in the world am I so 'busy' with stuff that doesn't bring me joy? WHY I ASK YOU!!??!! 

I'll tell you why. Because the busier the better. 

So I am taking this month to change that mindset. 

Step 1. Figure out what is most important to me and making it a priority. I am in no way saying that since paying a bill isn't that important (even though they are we just like ignore them) so don't make it a priority. My example? Spend more time with my boyfriend. -tangent alert. please keep hands in the vehicle at all times- You married people know what I mean. I have a husband I see every day. As soon as a wake up and when I go to sleep. I love him dearly and with everything. I married him after all. When is comes to my husband though, he is the logistics and 'married' life guy. Helping me answer the questions, "When is rent due? Where should we look for a house? Babies? Family vacations? etc" My boyfriend is the guy I am with in a restaurant cuddling with in a corner booth giggling about some weird conversation. He is the guy that I hold hands with in a mall and act like a total goofball. I flirt with him by telling him, "you're butt is cute" with smack as I am walking by him. -tangent over. please exit to your right- 
Step 2. But how? Easy! With a re-occurring date night. The date night can be at home, it could be a trip to the grocery store where we don't get needs, but we get wants. The point is to turn off 'married life' and just be with each other. No chores, no work, no to-do lists. Just us. 
Step 3. Be happy about it, be in the moment. Once it is over, let it be. Don't try to re-create a moment or think oh we had so much fun that time everything else sucks. Just be happy. 

I think I am going to use my example and go with it. Time to go ask my 'boyfriend' what he thinks about a date night sometime soon. 

It's your turn. 

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