Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Going back to Keto

Hi all!✋✋

💥It has been awhile since I posted anything-outside of the odd recipe- and the point of me getting started with blogging was to track where I am with hitting my goals for this year.

Well a quick update!
💥I have lost weight since November and in the form of fat. About 4 pounds in total which turned out to be 3% of my total body fat so yay!!! I have also increased in strength and leanness.

💥Since I am meeting my strength goals I am heading back to a ketogenic diet! I was ketogenic for two whole years before getting into weight training. Once I got into weight training I started a bulking diet that was moderate protein, High carb, and moderate fat. During my higher carb diet I always had issues with 'bad' carbs and opted whenever possible for a healthy version. Rice? No thanks give me the quinoa. I was still trying to hit a high protein number so I made sure my carbs were also high protein. I had a great time and the different kind of cooking-and snacking- was a nice change up. Meal prepping when having a higher carb allotment is also WAY easier.

💥Well, after almost 6 months of bulking, I had gained roughly 20 lbs altogether. I also moved my weightlifting numbers up by (on average) 80 lbs. During my bulk I also had a major injury on my left elbow which caused a slow down in any pushing motion and some pulling motions. Fast-forward to Thanksgiving break and I decided to start a fat cut to begin looking more lean. The only trick was I also wanted to continue 'getting gains' and a ketogenic diet was not very friendly for that kind of task, especially if I didn't want to be eating every second. I opted for a high protein, moderate carb, low fat diet to help with muscle growth and slow fat loss. It worked, and I was still able to make gains. I had enough energy to keep up with my busy life as well.

💥Now that should bring everyone up to speed. The high protein, low fat diet did work in helping me achieve goals of fat loss and muscle gain. I have decided to switch over to ketogenic to get 'shredded' as I get into bodybuilding. I want to gain muscle, but slowly is okay for now since my beginner gains are coming to and end and longevity is what comes next. The keto diet DOES allow you to build muscle, albeit much slower than a carb diet, and it allows you to keep lifting longer. You are not as sore for as long, your joints feel healthier, and once adapted-and properly macroing-you can still feel incredibly energized.

💥I am officially on Day 5 of my keto adaptation and doing about the usual. I have gone through a lot of burping, headaches, fatigue, insomnia, and nausea. I also bloated and retained water during the switch over. Both perfectly natural when going from a carb diet to a high fat diet.

So a quick summary of how my previous four days have gone

🌞Day 1: Woke up just fine. I weighed in at about 156. I had my first keto coffee in a long time and felt energized for the most part. I was very alert and didn't have in trouble focusing. I also finished out week 1 of my workout program. Pull-day. I was absolutely fine, however that is probably because of it being my first day and my body still running off of whatever residual carbs I might have had in my system.
🌞Day 2: Today was incredibly brutal. I weighed in at 157. It started out just fine. I was feeling great, I had slept great, I just didn't really have an appetite. Around noon I started to feel very cold, clammy, and overall uncomfortable. All very similar to the flu, hence why the adaptation is referring to as "keto flu". Headaches, nausea, chills, and a lot of burping.
🌞Day 3: I weighed in at 158.  I had my first BM (I know TMI, but it is important! Your system almost stops during the switch over because your body thinks it is starving, even with you feeding it. A BM is an instant way to know if your system is back up and pun intended) which made me feel so much better. Mainly, because I knew my body was starting to switch over and my adaptation was coming to a close. Thank goodness!
🌞Day 4: I weighed in at 155 and felt leaner that the few previous days. My bloating had also disappeared which I am sure made my jeans happy. Today was also the first day of week 2 of my workout program, however we, Matt and I, decided I should do my deload week since I was still going through adaptation and you lose some strength during that time. I had a pretty good workout. Drank BCAAS and Arginine to keep from feeling fatigued. It went pretty fast. Falling asleep was also very easy on day four.
🌞Day 5:  TODAY! A pretty normal day. I feel almost completely back to normal. I have a minor headache as I am writing this, however I think it could be an electrolyte issue. Good thing my BCAAS are up next. I weighed in today at 155 again. Which I am still taking as a good sign. I am not gaining so that means my digestive system is waking up again. Hoping to avoid any nausea that might happen. That usually happens later in the day though, so we will see!

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