Friday, September 1, 2017

Here We Come NOLA!!!: How to figure out what to do, eat, and see!

With practically everything at our fingertips one thing you should do is check out the social media of the place you plan to visit. If you don't know I am really into Instagram so that was my first stop. Mainly because you can see what they are describing and it is basically a place for businesses to post flyers. Below are a few of the first ones I started looking at. If you don't like following a bunch of people on your chosen media, that's okay! You can always unfollow (or unlike) the accounts after you leave! The internet is amazing.

Visit New Orleans- pictures taken by the account owners as well as reposting of pictures taken and uploaded by visitors. A great way to see where visitors tend to go as well as see some awesome scenery.

Where Nola Eats- even though we were wanting to do touristy stuff we are still foodies which meant finding out where the locals go. It features restaurants, food trucks, etc around New Orleans; not just down near Canal Street or in the French Quarter.

Down Town NO- Once again beautiful scenery and places that could be searched and visited if we were interested. A lot of the time we'd see a photo and think where is THAT?!

Nola news- turn on notifications and you can get weather updates! This ended up being super useful during our time there since it was raining at least half the time we were in NOLA. The street still flooded very easily so we used this (and Google of course) to time our outings. We did not want to get stuck in an area where there was no cover or buildings to duck into.

NOLA French Quarter- We were planning on spending a lot of time in the French Quarter so of course finding an account devoted to the area was a must. We got to see any areas that might be interesting as well as whta would be going before we get there as well as when we are there.

Of course there are many, many more and we used more than these while we there. These were just the most useful and the most entertaining. The best part were the suggestions showing up in the app and if I used the search feature I would get posts from the local area. 

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