Monday, April 8, 2013

Meal Idea Mondays: Turkey Patties

Meal Idea Mondays: Turkey Patties by Custom Taste
 As we mentioned in an earlier post, we make a lot of burgers, and this is one is probably one of our favourites. It is moist, egg-less and super easy to make and can be used for anything you need meat for.  They are essentially low calorie and low fat and obviously loaded with protein so if you are like us and starting a new intensive workout routine these are a welcome treat. 

Shopping List
  • 1 LB Lean Ground Turkey
  • 2 Large Mushrooms
  • 1 TBSP Flax Meal
  • Spices
  • 1 TSP Cumin
  • 1/2 TSP Black Pepper
  • 1 TSP Sage
  • 1 TSP Garlic

Mixing Bowl
Stand Mixer (or get your hands dirty)
Paper Towels
Cutting Board

Time 35 Minutes
Prep 20 Minutes
Cook 15 Minutes
Yield 6 Patties

Time To Get Cooking!!!
Meal Idea Mondays: Turkey Patties by Custom TasteIn your mixing bowl drop in your ground turkey
Get your mushrooms and dice them up rather small
Drop them into the mixing bowl along with the flax meal and spices
Mix together until everything is fully and evenly incorporated
Meal Idea Mondays: Turkey Patties by Custom TasteDivide into roughly 6 even sized balls
Pat down each ball into the patty and place on the plate
Repeat until done
Put into the fridge for about 20 minutes
After the 20 minutes is up, grab your skillet and place it on the stove-top at medium 
Let the pan warm up for about 5 minutes
Once warm, depending on how big your skillet is, put in anywhere from 2-4 patties
Meal Idea Mondays: Turkey Patties by Custom TasteCook on each side for 2 minutes
If you have a thermometer, stick it in the middle and make sure it reads over 135 degrees
If you do not have a thermometer (gently)push your finger into the center if it springs and is firm they are done, if your finger sinks do another 2 minutes on each side
Meal Idea Mondays: Turkey Patties by Custom TasteAfter they are full cooked place on the plate lined with paper towels and set in a warm place until all burgers are done cooking

Eat as a burger or as a meat topping for salad. These babies are super versatile

Storing and Reheating
Store in an airtight container in the fridge for up to 3 days or in the freezer for at least 1 month
Meal Idea Mondays: Turkey Patties by Custom TasteReheat in oven, on stove or microwave until warmed throughout

Nutritional Information
Calories 186
Fat 11g
Carbs 1g
Protein 21g

Cost Information
Recipe Cost:$3.04
Cost Per Serving:$0.51

-You will not need to oil your pan, the turkey will have its own oil to keep it from sticking as long as you do not burn the meat that is.


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