Thursday, July 4, 2013

The Meatless Lifestyle 07/03/13

So far, so good with keeping up this month. However I will not get ahead of myself by saying I am doing awesome, it is only the 4th and I post my previous day's food intake the next day. Happy 4th of July to the United States Americans out there! (there are other Americas, hence the specification) and happy Thursday/Friday (the 5th) to the rest of the world!

Yesterday was a pretty good day, it felt like it took forever though. Mr. Custom Taste's computer is still acting up so I have taken on the job of an on-call "computer doctor" and babysitter. If you are a computer nerd like us I will probably post a few pictures of our rigs and our whole battlestation in the future. It is pretty sweet. I am still trying to figure out the best compensations for my protein intake, so I added some rice protein into the mix.

Why rice protein? It is an allergen friendly (if you aren't allergic to rice, obviously) way to add protein into your daily intake. Mr. Custom Taste has a soy and whey intolerance (double whammy), so those are out of the question. We would like to try hemp protein in the near future, we are just waiting for this canister of rice protein to run out. Our brand is MLO Vegan Rice Protein. It ranges anywhere from $16-$22 depending on where you get it and I have seen it as low as $12 online. A little can go a long way as well. It is super fine and can be added to pretty much anything. It is virtually flavourless (the flavour is reminiscent of a milkshake, barely) and there is no smell. We do have to be careful about how much we add depending on what we are using it for. Too much can equal a thick gritty texture, while still good, can be difficult to choke down. We have had our canister for a few months now and we have a little over a quarter of it left, so it is well worth the price. 

I had an oven baked egg (all of our dishes were dirty, I always get behind on the days Mr. Custom Taste has off), about 1/4 cup of the previous nights Skillet Boiled Seasoned Potatoes, goat cheese, a black bean tortilla and some vietnamese coffee. All while working on the blog, hence the keyboard. 
Calories 190 Carbs 21g Fat 7g Protein 10g Fiber 3g

Lunch took an oriental turn (I am a big fan of oriental food to begin with) 1/4 cup of cooked rice, 1/2 cup of broccoli florets steamed in the microwave, 2 tbsp of Homemade Pinto Bean Puree, all topped with 1 tbsp of naturally brewed soy sauce and siracha sauce (of course).
Quick tip I have noticed! If you are a fan of soy sauce but worry about the sodium content, switch to the the naturally brewed kind, it is lower in sodium than the other kind even when they say "low sodium" You can check out a quick study on it here.
Calories 246 Carbs 43g Fat 1g Protein 8g Fiber 7g

I have been trying to get at least 1 snack in a day, usually one that has some natural fats involved. I am one of those fat avoiders, so I have to force myself to eat it when I know that I am not getting enough. Today's snack was 1 serving of Food Should Taste Good's toasted sesame cracker chips. They are super flavourful, very filling and very satisfying. Probably because my tongue has no clue what fat is anymore, see there are upsides to being a fat avoider!
Calories 150 Carbs 23g Fat 8g Protein 2g Fiber 3g

In hopes to up my protein intake this is where I tried to load it on. I made protein balls using pinto bean puree and rice powder along with tomato paste and some spices. Even though they helped me up my protein intake they turned out to be disappointing. I love sage and thyme, but I overdid it on these little guys. They were okay but nothing remember-able. 1 had about 6 baked bean balls, 1/2 of a large sweet potato baked with salt and pepper, 1/4 cup (dry) cooked quinoa, mustard-siracha-soy sauce and a salad w/ balsamic vinaigrette dressing. I eat big dinners because since I went meatless my metabolism has been crazy efficient. So the next day I wake up with a completely empty stomach to the point of nausea. How do I know my metabolism has increased? By body temperature. For awhile I thought I was getting sick, but my morning temp was normal (98.3-98.8) and throughout the day it would increase to well in the 99 degree range. This is also another reason to make sure I am getting my water needs, I don't think anyone would understand heat exhaustion while inside...
Calories 431 Carbs 72g Fat 2g Protein 17g Fiber 10g

I also had 2 16 oz glasses of water with about 1 tbsp of lime juice each. 
No real workout today. Little guy and I went on a walk around the apartments and I did some heavy cleaning. I am trying to keep as active as possible though so everything counts!

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