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How To Store...Potatoes!

How To Store...Potatoes! by Custom Taste

We buy a lot of potatoes. I use them in place of meat and Mr. Custom Taste likes fries, a lot. Plus they are loaded with potassium which helps to keep muscles from cramping and living in Texas with the hot weather we need that a lot. We live in an apartment which is a little under 900 sq ft, so of course I had to figure out a way to store our potatoes and make sure they would stay dry as to not start sprouting, but also in a place that they were easy to get to when needed or when I was making my grocery lists.

What you will need:
1 recipe non porous produce wash
Cloth Towels
Paper Bags

Now, you may have heard or seen the trick where you store potatoes with apples to keep them from sprouting. Well, forget the apples, I have never found them to help at all and in fact it feels like they cause humidity in the bag, or just simply rot.

When buying your potatoes try to buy ones that look and feel dirty. You can trust that they are fresh and don't have any fake chemicals on them. Plus it helps to protect the potatoes from any bacteria floating around during transport and once they are sitting in the grocery store. These may seem a little unorthodox and goes against what many post on storing potatoes is about, but I don't wash them unless I plan to do something with them right away. I find that leaving them with dirt on them also inhibits them from sprouting and shrinking, even if you leave them in the plastic sack.

Sometimes, though, when I have already planned out what and where the potatoes will be going to, I will wash them all at once to save time when cooking. This is where it gets fun!

First, fill your sink (or a basin) with 2 cups non-porous produce wash and add extra warm water so your potatoes will be covered.
Second, dump in however many potatoes you need or all of them. Dunk them repeatedly to make sure they get submerged, soaked and agitated. Let them have a hot tub party for about 20 minutes.
How To Store...Potatoes! by Custom Taste
Third, Using your hands, rough sponge, or a scrub brush (if you are into that) rub the potatoes roughly to get off any dirt.
Fourth, remove each potatoes and give it a rough dry with a cloth towel. If your towel ends up dirty by the end of it, or you need to get a second one, you are doing this right
Fifth (a), let them air dry COMPLETELY* before placing them in a paper bag and storing in a dry, dark and cool area. or before cooking them

How To Store...Potatoes! by Custom Taste
Fifth (b), cut them however you need them. I was planning a week with a few meals that involved oven baked fries so I cut mine into fries (you would also peel them if you'd like, I am not here to run your life :D)
Sixth, once you are done cutting, soak them and rinse well
How To Store...Potatoes! by Custom Taste
Seventh, spread out (try to get one layer, but it is not required)onto paper towels or dish cloths and put more paper towels or dish cloths on top. Let dry completely. Toss around so the pieces get dried all the way around.

Eighth, label your zip top bag and place the pieces into it. Put in freezer and ta-da stored and ready to go fries!
How To Store...Potatoes! by Custom Taste
*If they do not air dry completely before storing you can get moisture trapped in the bag and that is bad.
-Make sure to label if you buy potatoes on the regular. You don't want to pull out a new bag while you have an older bag just sitting there.
-If do peel your potatoes ave the peeling in a zip-top bag and store in the freezer. They are great to add to soups or when you want to make a stock or broth

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