Monday, June 23, 2014

Bacon Stuffed Jalapenos w/ A Twist

A few months back I posted this recipe for jalapeno poppers. For the past two weeks I have been 100% meat free as when I would eat meat occasionally i would get stomach and digestive issues. I have been able to eat fish easily, since it was over my two weeks we decided to try bacon in a small amount and see how I reacted. But to put a spin on these already delicious poppers we added shrimp on top! Matt wanted the heads left on his, but I was a little weary since all the gunk in the head and the spike on the head. Plus, the smaller guys heads kept falling off so I scooped those up for myself.

Shopping List
2 Recipes of Bacon Stuffed Jalapenos
3/4 LB Gulf Shrimp
*Optional extra bacon to wrap around the popper

Baking Sheet
2 Mixing Bowls
Pairing Knife
Regular Knife

After topping the jalapenos with shrimp, wrap in bacon and cook the same as you would regular poppers!
Yum, yum, yum.

Eat them as a side, or eat them all for yourself (I prefer the latter). Le nutrition.

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