Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Protein Eggs

Yes, regular eggs do have protein. However, if you are high protein your number one (diet) priority is making sure you get enough protein (how many times can I say protein during this post?) without a bunch of added calories, carbs, or even fat depending on your high protein diet... Do not fear, protein eggs are here to save you.

This recipe, for obvious reasons, works best if you use an unflavored protein powder. I know they are/can be difficult to find so as a hint, I use now foods unflavored whey protein isolate (picture below). Almost allergy friendly (whey is a milk protein so if you have some lactose issues this could cause them to flair up) it has a neutral flavour, a good amount of calcium (which can sometimes be difficult to get if you do avoid mammalian milk), and obviously a good amount of protein.
You will need;
1 scoops (33 grams on average or 2 flat TBSP) of protein powder. Unflavored does work best.
3 eggs. We use Now Foods Whey Protein
(if you increase your egg count keep the mix to a 3:1 ratio.  3eggs to 1 scoop powder.  4eggs to 1.33 powder, etc.)
1 TBSP almond milk, water, or any other thin liquid.
1 tbsp olive oil or butter. 

In a cup, or bowl whisk together the liquid and protein powder until powder is broken up. 
Crack one egg and whisk together. 
Repeat for each egg
Add in optional seasonings.  I like to use; chicken Bouillon,  Tony Chachere's, or just salt and pepper. 
Over high heat melt butter or heat olive oil
Once your chosen lipid (a.k.a fat) is bubbling, pour in the eggs 
As the egg starts to set,  gently scrape and lift around the edges. Remembering to tilt the pan to slide the raw egg underneath the cooked egg.
When the majority of raw egg has been poured under cooked egg,  cap the skillet,  and turn down temp to medium heat. 
Leave capped for 4 minutes.
You will see your protein egg grow and get super fluffy.
Flip over and cap again for another 2 minutes.

The eggs should be bright yellow maybe even browned.

Remove from oven and serve!

The breakdown

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