Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Recipe #flashback- Backyard BBQs

It is offically summer, however if you have been in my neck of the woods 'summer' has been here for weeks with the near 100 degree temperature. Regardless of temperature is time for family and friends to continue the age of traditions of fireworks, swimming, and (of course) 'backyard' BBQs. Many of the recipes can be altered to cook inside if you don't have a grill or just don't want to brave the outside heat and sun.

Even though I originally made this for Cinco de Mayo a few years ago it translates great into the summer BBQ scene. Instead of boiled or sauteed shrimp, you can always grill them up and add them on top for a more BBQ feel.

What is a BBQ without a burger of some sort? These are for your friends or family that don't enjoy beef or they are trying to stay low fat. They are turkey based with a Tex-Mex spiced flare. 
Burger Bun
What is a burger without its bun?...well besides a bun-less burger which really isn't a burger, it is more like a salad. These buns are more on the chewy side, similar to ciabatta rolls, and they won't collapse under the weight of those huge burgers.

Pull apart and melt in your mouth that it might just become the star of the show! Serve in a sandwich or in chunks. Pairs best with beans. 

What is a get together without some good ole pico? A bad one. Fresh and gives a bright citrus flavour to help cut the taste of the meats and beer. Your taste buds will thank you.

This year , 2016, the USA Independence Day falls on a Monday which for some might coincide with 'meatless' Monday so show some support and give these a try. If anything they can always be served as an appetizer or side.

Do these even NEED and explanation?

A quick tart and sweet bite to eat pre dinner or post dinner. Think of a mix between cakey crumb and cookie chewy-ness. Plus you can eat the batter and not worry about raw egg.

Strawberry in the middle and on top. Chocolate and strawberry just go together and these will make a huge hit on the buffet table.

Last, but not least, the sauce for all thing BBQ. This one is sweet, tangy, and thick. Put on everything and anything.

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