Saturday, December 17, 2016

Quick and easy #adulteggnog

As a kid it wasn't the winter holiday season until the tree went up. As an adult it isn't the winter the holiday season until you make, and consume, a traditional holiday beverage and add...wait for it...
Love to it!
Just kidding
Until you add liquor! Because liquor is just like love when the temperature is below 40 outside and you live in Texas. You poor, poor souls who have to deal with far lower temps.

This first traditional beverage is Eggnog. When I was  kid we were always told to stay away from the Eggnog at family and holiday parties. I never really tried it until college and that was sans alcohol. I found it gross and a little too viscous to enjoy casually. Once someone added a little whiskey to it, I understood why all the adults during my childhood told us to stay away from it. The liquor thins it out and makes it actually very enjoyable to consume.

What you will need:

  • 12 ounces Promised land eggnog. The real stuff. None of that 'light' crap allowed.
  • 2 ounces, or more, of your favourite whiskey
  • Sprinkling, or more, of nutmeg
  • A glass
  • Microplane or grater
  • Measuring utensils ( or wing it!)

Grab a glass and pour in the eggnogStir in the whiskeyGrate some fresh nutmeg on topRelax and imbibe.

Told ya it was quick and easy!

Nutrition info, for those who want it, below.

Just kidding, enjoy yourself. One adult eggnog beverage will not break you, trust me.

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