Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Top Goals for 2017

To read about why I have goals AND resolutions this year take a peek at Top 6 Resolutions for 2017

01. Get organized room by room

We have decided to stay another year in our house and since we have already started to de-clutter I figured why not make in a resolution to not just de-clutter, but to also organize. We do not want any unneeded boxes (a.k.a crap that got thrown into a box and never organized) nor do we want extra clutter. I would like this to be done sooner rather than later, but I can make plans and figure out what is needed per room and make it a 2 day project either over a weekend or short holiday. We will be following the rule of if it: isn't useful, pretty, or doesn't bring you joy then throw it out. 

02.Pay off non-reoccurring debt by June

Obviously some debt is good debt and any financial advisor will tell you that. Our reoccurring debt is our credit card which we pay off immediately. We just like the rewards, low interest rate, and the redoubling debt really helped or credit score. Non-recurring debt are payments such as; school payments, traffic tickets, collections, etc. Since we haven't had a stable address in the last three years we have started to get some bills that we had no idea about. Currently we are working on rounding up all of our dent so we can see the total, either chose to pay it off in total or break it down, and then boom we will clear sailing, or whatever adage fits the scenario.

03.Read at least 4 new, not work related, books this year. 

As an English teacher I get to read a few books throughout the year. They are never new though considering 99% of the books we have to read I already read in high school. So, I signed up on Goodreads. I also have a list of my own physical books that would like to ashamed.

04. Finish two of my video games!

Probably FINALLY finish Skyrim and Dragon Age. They are long and very interactive and the lore behind them is so interesting! Plus the visuals are great-right now- and I don't want to miss out on enjoying them before something big comes along. Plus, I have over 100 games in my library and have only finished 2...maybe 3. It would just be really nice to see those credits roll at the end considering how much time I have already put into both of those games. 

05. Switch to all steel/glass/wooden cookware

We are well on our way. I just feel like steel/glass/wood not only last longer than plastic and non-stick, but they are also better for you and easier to clean. 

06.Take a cruise or large trip.

I don't feel like this one needs an explanation.

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