Monday, January 2, 2017

Why I'm not doing a January challenge

Short answer is: Nope.
Long answer is: Sort of.
Did I want to? Kinda. Were there a ton of opportunities to join one? Oh my yes. Could I have created one myself? You betcha! So why didn't I?
Maybe it was to not be cliche? Maybe because most of the challenges required a monetary investment and weren't worth it (for me anyway)?

I gave it some thought and not only did I want to focus on starting a new year as new,  but also just let the year start.  Perusing most social media outlets on January 1st  is like seeing a wish list. Everyone is making resolutions-which 90% of are actually goals.  I talk about that in an upcoming post, btw- and most them are surface level.  There were some good ones though and seeing those is what made me stop. Not pause. Full blown, full STOP.  I started pondering the question of "what did I really want to make 2017 about?"

 I had already started my weight cut after Thanksgiving (lost weight over the holidays,  woo!) and I've been working on my own goals and resolutions for a bit in preparation for my vacation to end. How convenient that it ended January 2nd?

For me, a challenge is suppose to help you change a habit or form a new one. One that can help you reach a goal or change your life and then you continue with after the challenge has ended. That was the whole point of monthly challenges. It takes 21 days to create a habit and add a week to make sure the habit is full ingrained. Seeing so many wanting to do challenges,  looking for challenges to do, offering challenges, etc. It seemed like the 'challenge' was more important that the whole point of a challenge. I made the decision that I didn't want to be a part of that.  

I decided I wanted to enjoy the start of the new year and get my life together and get focused.

Now that I've gotten my thoughts out and can literally see them typed up, maybe I am going to do a challenge, which could be viewed as a little sad that this has to be a 'challenge'. 

With our fast paced society and instant gratification needs I decided that my "challenge" for January is to slow down and regroup. Doing a challenge like losing weight,  saving money,  doing 1000 squats,  whatever else is out there, did not sound relaxing nor fun. No matter how hard the creators tried to swing it.
I have a few big things fast approaching and forks in the road that will need decisions. My challenge for January is to:

Stress less and Smile more 

-guess I did end up being cliche- 

So there you have it. My challenge for January 2016. Stress Less and Smile More,  and quit glorifying busy. How can "don't be busy" be a challenge?

Let me explain my theory of the "busy paradox". 

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