Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Stuffed Jalapenos...again :D

You could say we are pretty obsessed with stuffed jalapeños around here. This new recipe is very similar to our original recipe, but it has more fat from the added bacon grease. No one should ever waste bacon grease. I originally posted it "live" on my insta story (FOR.EVER.AGO) and just decided to "why not" post it on here. Mainly to show how awesome the macros are, but to also keep a record for myself. If you're feeling adventure you can also check out a fun addition we made here.


Starting you'll need
6 slices bacon (reserve the fay) 
12 jalapeños
1 block flat cream cheese
1/2 cup shredded full day cheddar cheese
2 slices bacon for garnish

bake at 375-400 until crispy! You're going for the oil and "bacon bits" than regular eating bacon. I higher temp, and usually less time, results in a well baked greasy pile of bacon!
WHILST bacon bakes, start; chopping, halving, and scooping those jalapenos. 
Might I suggest gloves or very sharp pairing knives for this. I have been taken tot he ground because of jalapenos handling. For real. If you did get it in your eye or te burn is too much, any shampoo that cuts oil will help. I recommend Herbal Essence from past experience. Oh! And an ice pack!
Once you're finished with the jalapenos
rinsed and let dry. 
Back to baking bacon. :D 
Save about half of the grease in a skillet. You'll need it for making the stuffing.
Let the bacon chill while you get the cheese all goopy and melted together.
Turn heat to start with on medium. Drop in the cream cheese and begin mixing around. Since the bacon grease is already in there you will need to help spread the cream cheese out.
The grease basically forms a layer around each clump of cream cheese that makes the cheese cumps just slip around the did I just write?
Add in the bacon bits at any time. I prefer them a bit crunchier so I add them in earlier.

Continuously mix until all the bacon and cream cheese are well incorporated. 
Time to sprinkle the cheddar💵💵💵 uh.... 🧀🧀🧀🧀🧀!

Mix and heat until thoroughly melted. Or kinda melted if you're like that. 

Beware the jalapenos fingers! Depending on the size of your jalapenos you might have extra, so fill until too full and then fill your mouth the leftovers. 
Cut the remaining two strip of bacon into more strips! Top each stuffed jalapeno with at least. (Why top them and not wrap them? Refer to the original recipe for that explanation.)
Bake for 20 minutes or until top bacon is at desired crispyness  at 425 degrees. 



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