Thursday, July 13, 2017

Just a few of my favourite things: Keto Memes

It is no secret I am absolutely love memes. I use them in my classroom, I use them a responses, I use them to define my life, etc. I don't think there isn't a situation that has happened that I haven't had a meme in mind. With that being said, I found some pretty funny keto memes that are seriously relatable to anyone eating this way. Don't worry, we all feel your pain!
To show you my love of memes, we are going to start with one I made...of myself!

Self explanatory.

usually right after the statement, "you look great! What have you been doing?" Major eyeroll moment followed by a giggle. You were just complimenting me, but now its unhealthy? K. *hairflip*

When my sister-in-love first started keto ( 3 years ago) she was taking a nap where she dreamed she ate an entire bag of cheetos. She woke up in such a panic thinking she actually had eaten them. It was lols for days. 

And if you mention it to non-ketoes all you get is judgement and passive aggressive "advice". 

I have attempted cream cheese pancakes on multiple occasions...3/4 times it has just turned into sweetened scramble eggs, lol. 

Like I say, everyone experiences keto differently, don't be judgmental. Stay positive. 

and they think they are just oh-so funny!

You know what I look like. I get the weirdest looks still. 


Perfect for so many diets! #baconislife

I love puns so of course this one just had to be shared!

But no. Don't worry butter isnt a carb, it has its own macro category. 

Seriously. The low-carb beers super suck! Here a few booze options that I have sworn by. Mojito

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