Sunday, January 29, 2017

New Year, Fresh Start

Since thinking up of new recipes can be hard sometimes, I turned to the archives to search for macro friendly recipes instead of trying to invent new ones. These are a few newer -and older- recipes I have been turning to during this first month of 2017. They are meal prep friendly which is a bonus when you are #busyfit and need anything and everything help make your life easier. 

 The title is no hype. In fact, I feel silly posting this, but never know who it might help.

This is a really easy recipe if you bought a lot of chicken in one go or you need a simple recipe during a recipe rut. You could even use this recipe for a casserole or soup if the recipe calls for chicken.

Great for pancakes, muffins, and cakes- this batter is also higher in protein with fewer ingredients unlike most pre-packaged protein mixes.

 I love tortillas! I love that you can wrap any meal up in them and have a handy no fuss meal. I have been experimenting with different way of making tortillas without using a lot of oil and fat. I have made them with black beans and pinto beans, they were good but not great and what I was looking for. Aside from being oil-free and lard-free I also wanted something quick, easy and not very labor intensive. This is by far my favourite recipe! I have made them four times already! They are super simple to, and honestly so low fat you'll be impressed. No oils or fats needed, just flour, water and a little salt. This recipe also doubles easily so no second guessing if you want to make a double batch

I have loved french toast ever since I first had it, but I have never made it at home because it just feels so time consuming. With it being winter and I am wanting everything warm and baked so I decided to give a 'french toast casserole' a try. Since I am on a weight cut I need it to be as macro friendly as possible which meant I need to cut the fat and add in some protein. Therefore,  I present you with a Lean French Toast Casserole.

It's cereal and protein powder. It's good. It's simple. Like, stupid simple. It's high protein. Eat it.

If your home is anything like ours then you probably keep some form of frozen meat/non-meat in your pantry. For us, we keep chicken breasts. We buy them in a bag from our local HEB and keep them in our freezer. They honestly do not take that long to defrost so that makes them easy to prepare as well as we always have something to throw in the oven for dinner. I came up with this recipe mainly because I was craving something savory, crunchy and was really wanting something fried. What is better than fried? Oven baked! What is better than batter breading? Nuts! Okay, maybe those two thing are actually "better" but they are darn close and a whole lot less messy. No dredging through egg and flour. No breading fingers. No oily mess. No crazy clean-up! It is also low-carb but super protein filled so very friendly to any low-carb or gluten free dieters out there.

Anything baked in a muffin pan makes it a muffin right? Regardless, these are easy to store and pack for work or school lunches.  They re-heat extremely well and are perfectly portioned so you no longer have to guess on how much you ate or how much you can eat.

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