Thursday, March 20, 2014

200TH POST!!!

Was it a coincidence that we did a huge change up right at our 200th post! YES! Funny how things work out sometimes. So welcome to....

needs a little work right?

We are updating everything too! Just so you don't have to go check out our new about page I will give you all an overview here.
So here is the down low. As many of you know from my post last month, Matt quit is phone sales job and has gotten really into programming and gaming. I stuck with my WAH job but really just got tired and run down, (don't worry I will post my full six month experience in a later post). After about my 10th breakdown we had a serious talk about what we should do financially and for our future. Our finances are actually really well right now so, together, we decided to see what we could as a couple that we both enjoyed but could also become a career in the future. We know we won't have something instantly but something to works towards and switching the blog is helping us do that! This is really just a way to get our ventures out in the open and for readers to be entertained by our endeavors, as well as get a few tips and ideas along the way. 

What to expect:
-Continued recipes (obviously, we know where we came from). 
-Frugal living; grocery shopping, DIY, BIY, and more!
-Entertainment; game reviews, movie reviews, local activities (Austin Metro to the Houston Metro mainly) and more!
-Healthy living; costs, food politics, allergens, fitness, and more!
-IT; computer parts reviews, how tos, and more!
-Reviews on whatever (suggestions always welcome!)
-VIDEOS!!! Yes we will be posting videos, FINALLY!
-....AND MORE 
We are trying to move into more of a lifestyle blog instead of just niche. Life is full of everything so we are going to try cover everything. 

Considering that the blog is still in transition we will be posting, however from one to the next the look may change. We will also have a few different places to follow us on and there will be a contact page all by itself! Any and all criticism is encouraged and ideas wanted (but please be nice). Welcome to our new home, make yourself comfy!

-Matt and Samantha-

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Cream of Celery Soup

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Cream of Celery Soup by Custom Taste
In the slow cooker is right and so much better than that canned "soup" stuff. Sorry Campbell's it is just the hard truth. Low sodium, I am talking like ZERO here...okay fine like 0.01 grams per serving. You guys caught me. However the kicker  is it also has mushrooms! So it is like this great mix of celery and mushroom cream of soup that is easy, healthy (always) and homemade. Also takes no time on your part, you let your slow cooker handle the heavy lifting, er, cooking and you get to relax and do whatever. Wooty woo! Eat it alone or use it in recipe that calls for cream of soup! Or get super creative and turn it into a pasta sauce! So versatile I think it might make your head spin. Maybe an exaggeration, but you all get the idea.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Rich and Healthy Warm Pasta Salad

So this is going to be a quick and dirty recipe post for you all, we have been busy and my current WAH job...well, that  is a whole other issue. This is a recipe to make now and pretty much all the time!Cold days and pasta salad don't usually mix, but here is a way to get the light and fresh taste of a summer pasta salad but with the warmth of a regular pasta for the everlasting winter that has gripped the ATX. In fact we have made this a few times since