Thursday, August 10, 2017

Here We Come NOLA!!!: Hotel and Gym

Every year Matt and I try to take a trip somewhere far away   and the last few years it has always been to some place in Louisiana. This year we are doing it again, however in celebration of five years of marriage we are doing it alone...sorta. We chose New Orleans because a) we have been there a ton and love b) it always has something going on c) we have never been alone and as tourists! Yes! This time we are going to go all out on the tourism.

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

7 Safe From The Heat Meals

Living in Texas we are about to enter the two hottest months of the year as well as school is about to start up again. That means hot, dry days, and super busy mornings and evenings. Many of these recipes can either be started in the morning and ready for dinner (depending on your slow cooker fanciness) or use them as a meal prep for the week. Regardless, you won't have to heat up your house. Let your AC have a break. Use your slow cooker. 
                           The recipes listed can fit a variety of diets and can be tweaked if needed.