Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Sweet & Tangy Barbecue Sauce

This recipe has been just sitting, and for some reason I never posted it. As you can tell by the watermark, it has been a long time since this was made. The sauce is very tangy and is my favourite kind of BBQ. Goes great on anything really, not just BBQ, so it makes it great for my being meatless, YAY!

Monday, October 28, 2013

My Hiatus

I started a new job you all!! I am lucky to have the chance to work from home for a great gaming company and I have been on a 5 day a week 8 hr a day training schedule. So when I have down time, I take it. Little by little I have been working on keeping this blog because I do love sharing my sometimes odd, sometimes normal recipes. I am just so not motivated to sit down and blog after 8 hours...of already sitting down. It has only been one full week and I am now forcing myself to get more organized and get on a schedule. I have so much to share from drink recipes to holiday recipes to some great holiday finds. If you did not know I did do a Guest Post for Blissful and Domestic as well as my most recent Crazy Ingredient Challenge post. So please check out both. I adore Danielle's blog and even have a full post dedicated to her wonderfulness coming soon and I love the CIC's because they not only encourage creativity but make me a better cook.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Food Foto

Tacos with the Taco Bean Burger crumbles.

CIC-Broccoli Pumpkin Pie Risotto

This month's Crazy Ingredient Challenge! Pumpkin Pie and Broccoli! Hosted by Jutta at

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Food Foto

Eggless homemade pumpkin cinnamon rolls. Early morning, yummy breakfast.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013


Due to the partial government shut down in the USA there are some areas in which we all need to be careful of. A major area is the food we buy and eat. The USDA has cut food inspections to almost nothing This means many heavily inspected and regulated foods can enter our country unsolicited and unchecked. These foods include many imported seafood and produce  as well as any frozen or cheap food of unknown provenances. This is just a quick summary of a Buzzfeed Food article and the full article can be found here.

Imported shrimp from Southeast Asia
Imported tilapia from China
Some imported farmed Atlantic Salmon from Chile
Any cheap, frozen fish that does not list an origin

Helpful tips
Be extremely careful when purchases any imported fruits or vegetables that you are planning to eat raw
ALWAYS wash, rinse and dry any produce you buy regardless of how it will be eaten
Make sure to cook thoroughly so you kill any bad bacteria
If you go to buy any shellfish buy local.
Do not eat any produce that has any visible signs of decay
ALWAYS keep a clean cooking area and preparation surfaces
If you go out to eat make sure to ask where the food is coming from. You can never be too helpful.
If you or anyone you begins to show signs of food poisoning or food related illness make sure to seek medical attention.

Even though these are helpful tips no matter what, they are especially important during this time. A good rule of thumb is if it looks suspicious or you can't find out where it came from don't buy it or eat it.

Keep healthy my friends!

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Taco Bean Burger (and Crumbles)

Just like with the Seed and Bean Burgers these burgers are just as versatile and just as yummy. The only difference is the ingredients. This just goes to show how easy and quick making bean burgers can be.

Seed and Bean Burger (and Crumbles)

I truly enjoy making veggie/bean burgers. It is a lot of fun to experiment with different flavours and ingredients. You can really customize them to whatever you are doing for dinner that night. Doing Mexican? Make a taco inspired bean burger! Italian? Pasta inspired! So many options, so many ways! You can do this with meat burgers, but they can also get overcooked or fall apart a lot more easily than bean burgers will. Another great thing about making bean burgers is versatility! Go from burger on a bun to crumbles in a taco within a matter of seconds using the exact same recipe. Two in one meals that are healthy and yummy and friendly to your wallet.

Keto Friendly Pumpkin Peanut Butter Flax Cookies w/ Cream Cheese topping

I enjoy checking out new diet trends. Not only for the health reasons but also for the science behind the trend. If you have not heard about the ketogenic diet it is basically a high fat, low carb, moderate protein diet. For some, the Atkins diet might immediately pop into your head. They are similar, as in Atkins is ketogenic. The only difference is Atkins did not care about calorie consumption as well as had carb load days. With ketogenic what it aims to do is keep your body using fat as an energy source rather than glucose, which comes from carbs. As long as you keep your daily carb intake between a certain number of grams (mine is between 25 to 50 grams, but I have to stay under 70 grams). Breakfasts, lunch and dinner are easy when it comes to ketogenic, but I wanted to try my hand at desserts. The main carb in these was the Pumpkin Puree, but I also wanted a fall feelings to them. They are energy packed. So they are a great pick me during the day, just make sure to drink lots of water. Flax seed are high fiber and can...well... stop things up if you aren't careful.