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Saturday, June 17, 2017

Keto Raspberry Mojito

Being a (predominantly) keto eater, going to the lake always gives me the urge for a refreshing cocktail (or 5, but I digress). My in-law's Lakehouse has been taken over by mint so mojitos or some mint themed drink is always a must. I recently had started drinking flavoured sparkling water and decided to give it a whirl. Instead of rum I used vodka to cut down on (some) of the sugars.


1 Oz Vodka
6 Oz Sparkling Soda
4 large leaves fresh mint
*If you prefer to use plain carbonated soda you might want to get lime or lemon just to give your mojito some flavour.

At least a 12 oz glass is best for this cocktail
A shaker if you have one. If you don't, your hand as a lid will be fine.

Since I am one for quick drinks that don't make a mess I didn't mind not using a shaker for this quick cocktail. *If you decide to use a shaker simply make sure to transfer your drink into the glass before adding the sparkling soda and more ice.

In your glass* drop in a handful of ice and rip up your mint leaves into the glass. Using one hand "cap" the top the glass while using the other to hold it. Shake hard for 30 seconds.

Place back on counter and add in vodka. Swirl a bit to loosen the ice up. 

Pour in soda and add in fresh ice on top. Top with extra mint or lime. 🍹

Friday, June 16, 2017

Basic Keto Must haves

If you'd rather read and your leisure than watch me
If you'd rather listen that read (and get a BIT more information and personal experience) you can watch me over on my Youtube Channel here.

When it comes to frugal, time-saving, and headache free grocery shopping and meal planning versatility is where it is at! Which is why I am sharing out my top 5 keto foods and why they are also the basic must haves in my kitchen. 

Friday, June 9, 2017

Early June Keto Grocery List (with 10 meal ideas)

This isn't the only trip we will make, but it is the biggest!

           I was also able to time it so that all of their freshest products were available. Always try to find out when your preferred store gets in new shipments and restocks. You'll find the freshest produce and the best cuts of meat for the same prices as the less preferred meat since the best meats runs out first. Lastly, ALWAYS CHECK SELL BY DATES! ALWAYS. Check out my YouTube channel if you'd like more information about WHY I bought these.
(If I did everything correctly affiliate links will be in this post.)